Why Humming Puppy is not your ordinary yoga studio

Get ready to experience the hum.

Walk into Humming Puppy and you’re immediately overwhelmed with a sense of calm and wellbeing that is usually associated with a very luxurious retreat. The Melbourne-born studio that has gathered immense praise in the yoga world is bringing it’s good vibes to Sydney, and yogis better be ready to cross the threshold, because the excitement is real.
Through a small, ambiguous black door in the inner-city suburb of Redfern leads a staircase to the haven that’s guaranteed to have you floating on clouds. In other words, Sydney-siders: outside world off, “me-time” on.
Humming Puppy’s style and philosophy is in the spirit of your favourite traditional yoga flow, only with a different vibe. Literally. Using a frequency of 40hz throughout the space, your practice is infused with a low hum (yes, a hum) that is associated with the gamma brain wave, which in turn is correlated with peak performance. The result is a unique experience that is set to deepen your practice and focus.

“Being submersed in this frequency helps you to naturally produce a matching frequency through a process of entrainment, to help you ‘tune’ during practice…on a simpler level the hum just feels good,” explains co-founder, Jackie Alexander. 

But fear not, newbies! Beginners and enlightened yogis alike have flocked to the newly opened studio thanks to the skilled teachers who aim to make it a blissful, fun and accessible experience for all levels. With mats, block and straps already set up so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot (let along bringing your own equipment!), everything is tailored to enhance your practice. Oh and did we mention that the studio is elevated so that everyone can see the instructor – no more peering beyond your neighbours to see what’s going on!

The beautifully designed and welcoming studio also offers luxurious changing rooms equipped with showers (complete with shampoo and lotions), hair dryers, towels, and basically everything you need to feel (even more) refreshed and renewed. The reception; a luscious, bright and airy room with a plush couch, aims to be not only to be a waiting area but also a common space for yogis to enjoy and hang any time they please. With complimentary tea, water and coconut water at hand, they’re giving us very little reason to go home.
Want to experience the hum for yourself? They’re offering an unlimited one-month pass for only $70…so what are you waiting for?!

Humming Puppy Sydney

Address: Levels 1 & 2/146 Abercrombie Street, Redfern, NSW 2016
Website: www.hummingpuppy.com
nstagram: @humming_puppy


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