5 styling tricks for the perfect alfresco dinner party

After all, it's spring!

Warm weather and alfresco entertaining go hand in hand, but paper plates and plastic cups, not so much. Here, interior designer Mia Lake shares her simple styling tips for a chic and elegant outdoor soiree.

Mia’s top 5 alfresco styling tips

Take time to consider the colour palette

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To evoke a vibrant, happy and energetic mood, try mixing prints in shades of yellows, oranges, reds and pinks. Greens and blues will create a serene and peaceful ambience. And greys, whites and blacks bring elegance to an event.

Try draping patterned fabrics, coloured ribbons or glowing lanterns above an outdoor dinner table

Alfresco entertaining, picnic, spring
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This trick is simple, but effective, helping to evoke the sense of an exotic holiday. As the wind blows, the floating fabrics and dancing ribbons above will enchant your guests, disconnecting them from the stresses of their day-to-day life.

You could also consider having a dinner party on the ground

Alfresco entertaining, picnic, spring
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Sit on rugs and dine at low-levelled tables. Just make sure you have lots of comfortable cushions so guests are more likely to stay longer.

Props are a great way to set the mood

Alfresco entertaining, picnic, spring
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Bright patterned beach umbrellas or Moroccan-inspired cushions create a cool laid-back vibe, while vintage wooden wine barrels establish a sophisticated setting.

Lastly, don’t stress

Alfresco Entertaining, picnic, spring
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A dinner party doesn’t need to be elaborate or over the top. People are actually less likely to mingle when everything is perfect and too polished. Instead, use miss-matched furniture and handcrafted decorations for a personal touch.

Want to give alfresco entertaining a try?

Take further inspiration from these beautiful and bold outdoor parties and get entertaining this weekend.

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