Here's How To Shop The Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Like A Pro

3 ways to be a smart shopper!

black friday sales
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Black Friday is one of the biggest events on the retail calendar. First originating in the US, Black Friday marks the day after Thanksgiving and is recognised as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. If you love a good bargain, there really is no better time to bag one! In saying that, it can all be extremely overwhelming, and if you’re not careful you could be doing your CC some serious (and unexpected) damage right before the holidays. Tsk, tsk. Here’s how to master online shopping during the most craziest sale of the year, and be sure to check out our round-up of some of the best global deals spanning across the health, wellness, fitness, fashion and beauty spaces.

1. Set a budget

Okay, so this isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it can certainly work. Black Friday markdowns are the perfect opportunity to shop all those things you’ve had your eye on—but if you’re not careful, it can all escalate very quickly and all of a sudden you have yourself three Vitamix blenders and nothing to do with them (jokes, they always come in handy). But yes, some discounts are just too good to refuse. This is why it is important to have a benchmark of how much you want to spend. Our top tip? Leave some room in your budget for those extras you’re inevitably going to stumble across and want (we’re looking at you, 50% off Priceline).

black friday sales
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2. Make a wish list

Don’t pretend you don’t already have one running! Knowing exactly what you want will save time whilst your browsing online. Work backwards from your budget and select your top non-negotiables—write them down if you have to! Once you’ve decided on these, have a backup in place (ie; if they don’t have my size left in white, I’ll go for the black). This will help keep you focused and straying off course. Even if you don’t know the exact style of what you want, even just having something in mind like “I have been looking for a new pair of jeans” will ensure you stay on track.

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3. Have a game plan

Keep in mind that an abundance of people are online at the same time—all with the same eagerness to bag a bargain. That pair of sneakers you’ve been crushing on? They can be gone in a matter of seconds. Just because it’s in your cart, doesn’t mean it’s yours yet! (note: a speedy internet connection will also help). As soon as you jump online, go for what you want most, first. This will avoid any disappointment on missing out.
Happy Shopping!

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