How To Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

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There is nothing as deflating as feeling locks of your hair being pulled from your scalp as you wash your hair in the shower; your brush or comb overflowing with hairs that should be firmly stuck to your head. Hormonal fluctuations can, at seemingly random intervals, cause significant hair loss in women (alongside acne. And mood swings. And hair growth everywhere that ISN’T your head. Cheers hormones – you sure know how to make a girl feel special.)

As always, there is a reason for this. Alongside hormone imbalances, it could be stress, pregnancy, genetics or medication, and as always; there are natural ways that hair loss can be treated in order to avoid powerful antibiotics that will likely do more long-term harm than good

Diet, lifestyle and products all have a role to play in reversing hair loss and a holistic approach is key to tackling the root of the problem. (Let’s not brush over the puns here guys. Ok done.)

Balance your hormones

Hormonal changes are a common cause of hair loss, so bringing your hormone levels back into balance is essential for achieving full, healthy locks. Hormonal disorders such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can cause fluctuations in hormones which lead to hair loss, thanks to high levels of androgens and excess testosterone causing inflammation in the body. Addressing diet, exercise, stress and other lifestyle factors that aim to balance you out is essential for restoring your hair to its former glory.

Manage stress

The link between stress and your tresses is sadly undeniable. Which is a tough pill to swallow, ‘cause let’s face it – who isn’t stressed these days?

Cortisol (our dear friend the stress hormone) short-circuits the hair cycle which expedites the hair thinning process; which means that roughly three months after a stressful situation such as a breakup or death in the family, you’ll start shedding a higher-than-usual amount of hair.

Establishing stress-management practices such as meditation, mindfulness, practicing more yoga and reducing your caffeine intake will work wonders for calming your parasympathetic nervous system.

After all, there’s a reason yogis always seem so zen; thanks to all that deep breathing, omm-ing and savasana. (And perhaps the on-point active wear.)

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Crash dieting is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair (and body in general, let’s be real.) The stress caused by significant nutrient deficiencies means that your poor hair simply can’t hold onto its root, meaning it starts to shed at a (sometimes) alarming rate.

Incorporating an abundance of healthy fats, oily fish (holaaa sardines), fibrous vegetables, low GI carbohydrates and iron-rich foods will help to balance your troublesome hormones, giving your hair the nutrients it needs to heal.

Natural products

While products are rarely the sole cause of hair loss, switching up your products can be a great way of lowering your overall toxic load and showing your scalp some gentle TLC. Avoiding products with sulphates, parabens and a helluva load of chemicals you can’t pronounce is savvy at the best of times, especially when you’re skating on thin hair-ice. Using some choice oils like jojoba or coconut as treatments can also help to keep you hair where it should be – on your head.

(And a brief PSA: if all else fails, there exists a study that suggests that consumption of McDonalds french fries can cure hair loss. So there’s that.)

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