How to pop a pimple, according to a skin expert

The do’s and don’ts.

If there’s one thing we’ve all been taught about skincare, it’s to never pop our own pimples. Between the risk of infection and scarring, it’s considered a big no-no.
However, admittedly, I’ve been known to pop a pimple or two, and actually enjoy the extraction process (yes, guilty as charged). I’m sure that I’m not alone. So if, like myself, you truly can’t resist you’re in luck. We spoke to Face Plus Medispa’s dermal specialist, Amy Cameron and asked her when it’s acceptable to pop a pimple at home, and how to do it like a true professional.

When is it ok to pop a pimple at home?

Generally speaking, whiteheads and blackheads are the only types of pimples that should be popped, because they’re ready to extract. It can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable to have these types of pimples on your face and body, so follow safe and hygienic procedures to extract away. Although blind pimples may be extremely painful, they should be left alone and treated by a dermal expert, explained Amy.

Pimple gel
Dr Spiller’s Roll On Acnoderm Gel

How to pop a pimple

  1. Before you address the pesky spot, Amy recommends cleaning your hands and cleansing your face. Then, use two cotton tips and proceed to “rock and roll” gently on either side of the visible pimple. Be confident, but gentle. Don’t force it, if it’s ready it will pop.
  2. After it has been removed, it is important to minimise the risk of bacterial infection by using a topical treatment with antibacterial ingredients. Dr Spiller’s Roll On Acnoderm Gel is Amy’s top choice, as it helps reduce inflammation and prevents the spot recurring.

If you’re not brave enough to tackle the sucker head on (pun intended), be sure to leave it to the professionals.

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