How To Incorporate These Energy-Boosting Adaptogens Into Your Day

A guide for beginners.

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In today’s day and age, we’re all rushing from our 9-5, trying to make it to the gym, maintain a social life, pursue a side hustle, eat healthy, practice self-care, stay on top of life admin etc etc. And as someone who struggles with chronic fatigue, I know firsthand that energy (or lack thereof) can really impact your day.
There are some changes that I’ve made to my lifestyle to help manage feelings of fatigue (learning to say no is a big one) and I am constantly on the lookout for things that can help boost my energy. Through discussions with my GP (who isn’t quick to shrug off the benefits of Eastern medicine), adaptogenic herbs came up in conversation.
The health and wellness writer in me, of course, is familiar with the term, however, I personally haven’t dabbled in adaptogens myself. One of the main reasons for this is that the thought of having to add yet another thing to my already fast-paced routine was enough for detour me from it—but as we find out here after chatting with Mason Taylor, Tonic Herbalist & Founder of SuperFeastthe benefits far outweigh the effort (and that effort is barely any effort at all). “The trick really is to incorporate the herbs into habits you already have,” shares Mason. Intrigued to learn more? Grab yourself a cuppa and keep on reading! 

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What exactly are adaptogens?

“For thousands of years, tonic herbalists have used adaptogens in the form of medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs to support the kidneys and adrenal glands allowing us to maintain our core energy, or our Jing,” says Mason. “Even back then, the ancient Taoist herbalists knew the importance of keeping the kidneys and adrenal glands healthy.”
“In today’s modern world our adrenal glands and kidneys are under constant pressure from our busy lifestyles, leading to hormonal imbalance and decreased energy so keeping them healthy and functioning optimally is the best way to maintain healthy energy levels throughout the day and into old age.” Mason explains that these organs are key, but adaptogens by definition are substances that help the body to adapt to environmental and psychological stresses and support all major systems in the body“By incorporating adaptogens into our daily routine, we provide our body with a new level of overall health, which in turn decreases stress and inflammation in the body and restores our energy levels.” 

What are some of the best adaptogens to help boost energy?

Mason shares with Amodrn that some of the best herbs for those looking to increase their energy are eucommia bark, cordyceps mushroom, rehmannia and deer antler velvet. If you’re new to adaptogens like me, brands like SuperFeast offer a variety of different blends with multiple adaptogens as an ideal starting point. 
“Our JING blend is my specially curated formula for supporting the adrenal glands and kidneys and boosting energy,” shares Mason. “The herbs are supportive and nourishing and super safe, yet potent. We also find that any of the medicinal mushrooms are a super gentle and accessible entry point into this exciting world, the Mason’s Mushrooms blend is a beautiful way to start too.”

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How can you (easily) incorporate adaptogens into your everyday routine?

“One of the other wonderful things about adaptogens, apart from their amazing health benefits, is that they’re super easy to incorporate into your daily routine,” says Mason. “You can put them in your morning coffee, tea or smoothie or simply combine them with your favourite plant milk to make a herbal tonic.”
“They work so perfectly in hot chocolate’s or even in your dinner. One of the mum’s I met in the very early days of SuperFeast used to add them to her spag bol to get her children to eat them. We call this ‘trojan-horsing’⁠—the herbs marry up so well with miso, curry, spaghetti and the occasional brownie. The herbs aren’t heated sensitive so it doesn’t matter if you take them warm or cold. Super simple!”
“If I’m feeling extra hard-core, I’ll put a teaspoon of herbs straight into my mouth—any way to get them in is a good way.”
Wanting to explore the wonderful world of adaptogens? Head to to check out their entire range (including what’s best for beginners).
Please note that not all adaptogens are recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so be sure to seek professional advice before making any lifestyle changes.

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