The Surprising Way To Have Your Healthiest, Happiest, Wealthiest Year Ever

It may not be what you think.

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The night before I was set to move into a new apartment, my boyfriend let it slip that he’d hired a moving team—behind my back. Weeks before, I’d adamantly decided that I didn’t need to hire movers. My logic (if you could call it that) was that movers were expensive and my boyfriend and I could move everything on our own. Sure, we were moving a heavy mattress, couch, TV, dining room table, and refrigerator along with about 15 boxes … but we didn’t need help!
Thankfully, my boyfriend took matters into his own hands (perhaps because he realized he’d be the one who’d be doing the heavy lifting). He found a set of reasonably priced professional movers to help us. We were completely unpacked in the new apartment two hours later—in our eyes, paying the pros was money well spent.
It’s funny how resistant we can be to getting a little help, isn’t it? But, working with a pro can save you time and money in the long run, and help improve your life big time.
With that in mind, we firmly believe that working with a coach can help you have the greatest year of your life. With so many types of coaches out there, you might not be exactly sure where to start. Read on to find the coach that’s right for you.

7 Different Coaches to Work With To Have Your Healthiest, Happiest, Sexiest, Wealthiest Year Ever

Health Coach

If you’re looking for someone who can help you balance your entire life, look for a certified health coach. A health coach can help you examine every aspect of your life, from your nutrition to your physical activity to your general happiness. Usually, they’ll work with you to make small, manageable changes which result in increasing your overall health.
Health coaches are often certified holistic nutritionists as well as drugless practitioners, so if your intention is to make 2017 your healthiest year yet, you should try working with a health coach!

Personal Trainer

So you work out five days a week, eat right, and get enough sleep—but you still feel like you’re not as fit as you should be … Time to hire a personal trainer. Working one-on-one with a fitness pro will exponentially increase your results, and make you a better athlete in general! Plus, working with a trainer keeps you accountable to your goal throughout the year, so you won’t be disappointed when 2018 (yikes) rolls around. And here’s a dirty little secret: Private training is way more fun that group exercise. Check out our tips on how to find the perfect personal trainer here!

Manifestation Guide

Maybe you’re a bit tired of the grind. Maybe you feel like you’re constantly forcing everything in your life to happen—and it’s not working out. Maybe you just want to finally find clarity on what it is you really want. Suspend your skepticism and consider working with a manifestation specialist or guide. Yes, it’s way more new age-y than some people are comfortable with. But manifestation isn’t exactly magic—it’s more like figuring out exactly what you want, realizing your own self-worth, and taking the steps to create the life you want to lead. (There’s a bit of talk about intuition and the Universe in there, too.)

Meditation Coach

OK, it’s become abundantly clear that even if you’re not trying to lose weight, or you’re not anxious, or you’re not stressed (you might be, you probably are, and you DEFINITELY are) you should be meditating. You could use an app or head to a studio. But if you still find your mind wandering during your session—or feel like a meditation isn’t resonating with you—try working one-on-one with a coach.
It might be a little awkward to picture yourself sitting on a meditation pillow across from a teacher, but it might be exactly the thing you need to finally “get” it. When you work with a coach or mentor, you’ll be able to ask all the questions that usually come up once you close your eyes and distract you from focusing on your breath.

Life Coach

Sometimes in life, you just feel a little lost—especially after important milestones like graduating from university or hitting your 30s. It’s not that there’s anything wrong, per se, it’s just that you don’t feel completely content. If you’re searching for clarity and advice, try working with a life coach. Unfortunately, the title has become a bit controversial in the past few years (anyone who wants to make a few bucks and dish out advice can technically call themselves a coach!), but working with a qualified life coach can really be a game changer. It depends on who you work with, but often a life coach will specialize in a topic like emotional intelligence, self-confidence, or communication skills.

Business Coach

Decided that this is the year you’re going to find a job you love and make a million dollars? Start looking for a business coach who can show you the ropes and teach you a few entrepreneurial tricks. Depending on what you need, a business coach can help you clean up your resume so you can land that dream job, guide you to a career that you’re really passionate about, or help you craft a fail-proof business plan so you can finally get your own biz off the ground.

Relationship Coach

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, coupled up, or somewhere in between—you can benefit from working with relationship or love coach. For single people, a relationship coach can help you get over your ex and help you feel more confident on a first date. As for those in a relationship, think of your coach as an unbiased friend that you can vent to without it getting back to your significant other. Every relationship goes through rocky patches, and sometimes the only thing to do is talk it through with someone who can give you objective advice.

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