How To Dress For The Day You Want With Colour Psychology

Change your outfit, change your vibe.

How To Dress For the Day You Want With Color Psychology
How To Dress For the Day You Want With Color Psychology

If you’ve ever slipped into an LBD for date night, sipped from a bright mug on a rainy day, or even stared wide-eyed at a wall of unending colour options at the nail salon, you know without a doubt that colour can powerfully influence our mood, behaviour and stress levels.
The psychological influence of colour can be harnessed to affect and improve various aspects of our lives, with each colour offering unique qualities we can consciously draw from, if we so choose. As it turns out, changing your vibe is as easy as changing your outfit!
As part of setting an intention for your day, take a peek through your closet and connect with yourself. Are you feeling a bit edgy over a full day of meetings ahead, or did yesterday’s HIIT workout leave you dragging, in need of an extra kick in the pants?   
Feel like setting your day up for more ease and flow? Play around with these colours when picking out your OOTD.


When you need a healthy dose of internal confidence that exudes a strong and stable front, ground down with black. Especially great for days when you’re going to tackle something tricky – negotiating a raise, submitting your two weeks notice, first-date jitters – black will help you feel grounded and tap into your inner strength.


Like sliding into clean white sheets at the end of a long day, wearing white can promote a fresh outlook and sense of new beginnings. Pop on a crisp white linen blouse to simplify a whirlwind of thoughts and make your to-do’s seem more manageable, or slip into a flowy white dress for an optimistic, free-flowing approach to your day.


The colour of trees and nature, green is a great choice to wear when you’re in need of some rejuvenation care of mother nature. Light greens can help you feel refreshed and turn over a new leaf, while deeper forest hues tap into more earthy, grounding energies.

How To Dress For the Day You Want With Color Psychology
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Think of your favorite pair of vintage blue jeans – they’ve mastered the art of relaxation. Pale blues can be delightfully uplifting, a nice shade to wear when you need a gentle mood boost. Oceanic hues are especially calming, while darker indigo tints can cozy you up in a wave of comfort and serenity.


With roots in 15th century royalty, purple is the colour of leadership. Not a shade for conformity, regal purple can inspire a sense of strength and self-confidence when you are ready to make a statement. On the lighter side, airy lavender tones are associated with spirituality, and can help support your spiritual journey and woo-woo wellness endeavours.

Change your clothes, change your vibe.
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A shade of action and inspiration, perky orange can help get you revved up for a workout, or channel creativity in times of need. Bring out the orange to stimulate enthusiasm, vitality and endurance!   


Ra-ra-romance, baby. Red is warm, vibrant and intense. Often used to grab attention (stop lights, anyone?) it can invoke drama and excitement, while drawing in love and romance. That said, red has also been linked to impaired analytical reasoning, which might make it not the best choice for a day in the office.


Need to tap into your inner divine feminine? Think pink. Play with sweet pink tones to soften into more compassion and kindness surrounding a difficult situation. As a shade of red, pink is also said to invite more joy, love and romance your direction! Ok, we’re blushing. 

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