How This Olive Oil Cake Business Blew Up in the Middle of a Pandemic

We interviewed the co-founders on how they grew exponentially by becoming an internet sensation.

How This Olive Oil Cake Business Blew Up in the Middle of a Pandemic
Image: Little House Confections

From banana bread to dalgona coffee, this year indoors has been sort of a culinary revolution. The newest craze in at-home baking? Olive oil cakes. OG cult-favorite natural food company Bragg has teamed up with Little House Confections, to create the infamous “Bomb-Ass Olive Oil Cake” that you’ve no doubt seen plastered all over your IG feed. Praised by numerous celebrities including the Kardashian-Jenner klan, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Laura Harrier, Camille Rowe, Shay Mitchell, and more, Little House Confections has grown exponentially in a time when business is not going, as usual. They use Bragg’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil as their go-to ingredient in their famous Olive Oil Cakes. For the duo behind LHC, Liz Roth, and Jaymie Wisneski, this all started as a quarantine hobby and have turned into a must-have social media obsession

Little House strategically chose to partner with one of the most trusted names in natural foods for their hero ingredient, utilizing Bragg’s Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with Greek Olives to ensure their customers receive the moistest, decadent Olive Oil Cake while utilizing one of the highest quality, most trusted products on the market. On top of this, a portion of all Olive Oil Cake proceeds is being donated to help those in this time of need. We interviewed Little House Confections on their love of baking, business during COVID-19, and how to build a business in the middle of a pandemic. Keep reading for more. 

little house confections
Image: Little House Confections

1) How did Little House Confections come to life?

LHC actually came to life during COVID in April 2020. My business partner, Jaymie Wisneski, and I were quarantined together. I was baking every day as I always have. We both wanted to do something to give back while we were obsessively watching the news. And then it kind of hit us. We would sell my olive oil cakes via Instagram for charity. I honestly did not think it would blow up as it did, but when we also raised $10k for the Covenant House of California in 3 and half weeks we both knew Little House Confections was something special.

2) What is different about Little House of Confection’s products?

First and foremost, it’s a Bomb Ass Cake. We use only the best ingredients; one of which being Bragg olive oil. Their olive oil is the highest quality and made from Greek olives. Bragg olive oil makes the cakes taste BOMB. We also try to make the cake experience. down to our boxes and twine and handwritten cards. We want our customers to feel like they are unwrapping the most special gift.

3) Why Olive Oil Cake?  

My Olive Oil cake has always been one of my all-time favorite recipes that I created. It’s also my mother and brother’s favorite so this feels like an ode to both of them.
little house confections
Image: Little House Confections

4) Why do you love baking? 

I always have since I was a kid. It’s calming to me. I also have a huge sweet tooth.

5) How are you revamping your business model to fit with the current time? 

Because we started in COVID, we are not revamping our business model. It fits with the current time.

6) How has being indoors changed your work/life balance? 

Since starting Little House, Jaymie and I are working 18 hour days. We don’t really have a work/life balance at this point because this is our baby and we are trying to nurture it as much as possible right now.

6) Give us a rundown of your current day-to-day. 

Both Jaymie and I wake up at around 4 am. Jaymie starts working on the day’s pickups and deliveries while I head down to the kitchen. As we are growing, we are super fortunate to have found a few great members to add to our team that helps in the kitchen and with customer service. Everybody regroups at my home (our office) at 9 am to start working on the day’s madness of pickups and deliveries. I usually deal mostly with our partnerships and administrative duties in the afternoon into the evening. Somehow we make it all work together as a team!
little house confections
Image: Little House Confections

7) What advice do you have to business owners about adjusting to life during COVID-19? 

Create strong relationships with your customers. We are an online business and plan to continue online. LHC feels that our business works so well because we answer every email, every phone call, and every DM. We try to cater to our customers and try to make each and every person feel special.

8) What do you hope the pandemic changes for the better? 

Charitable giving and climate change!!

9) What is next for Little House Confections? 

Nationwide shipping!
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