How This Nutritionist Is Prepping For Her Wedding Day

From her diet to skincare routine!

steph wearne nutritionist

Written by nutritionist, Steph Wearne.
Like any other bride, I want to look my absolute best on the big day. Although I usually have a philosophy of balance, I’m taking this opportunity to be a little bit more strict with my diet and exercise, being fully aware that once it is over I will bring back a more maintainable balance—you only get married once right (well that’s the plan anyway!)?
My main goals for the day are to have a glowing and smooth complexion, flat stomach, toned arms, butt and back, bright shiny eyes and white teeth. Weight loss is not a priority goal for me but I predict that I might lose 2-4kg simply as a by-product of reaching my other goals.

Skincare routine

This is my main priority as I can suffer from regular dermatitis and my skin is very sensitive. Like most, I can have the odd break out here and there too. I am alternating between skin treatments of Dermapen sessions and lactobotanical peels, but I know external nourishment is not enough and that you need to feed your skin from within to make the cost of those treatments worth it.
So internally my skincare routine begins with my diet (outlined below) plus some additional items including a zinc supplement, marine collagen powder, evening primrose oil, probiotics and The Natural Vitamin Co Hair, Skin & Nails supplement.

steph wearne nutritionist
Image: @nutritionist_stephwearne


Naturally my diet is very nutrient-rich as I eat mostly plants complimented by protein, quality fats and complex carbohydrates. I eat a large amount of vegetables to get in as many anti-oxidants, fibre and polyphenols as possible.
I always have at least half a plate of veggies at lunch and dinner and I am making sure I do this at least 3 mornings a week for breakfast now also. I’m including fermented foods each day (kefir, kim chi, tempeh, saurkraut, kombucha) for gut health and also prebiotics to keep the good bacteria happy (leeks, onions, garlic, asparagus, miso, oats, flaxseeds). Cruciferous veggies and bitter greens are making very regular appearances due to their liver support benefits and I’m trying to use bone broth in my cooking with any opportunity I get (or I might just have a mug in the afternoon) for its mineral content, gut healing properties and the gelatin it provides. I am drinking 2-3L of water per day (a lot of this is herbal tea as I am a tea lover!).

I have just completed my 21 Day Detox Program and with the wedding being only a few weeks away I will continue to avoid gluten, sugar, alcohol and dairy (except for a small amount of goats dairy) to avoid skin breakouts and any potential gut inflammation or bloating.

Exercise routine

I have always been someone that exercises a lot so the difference now is structuring this exercise according to my goals. Lucky for me, my fiance is a personal trainer and we own Linked – Training & Nutrition so he has given me the guidelines of heavy strength training combined with HIIT sessions, running and Pilates.

steph wearne nutritionist
Image: @nutritionist_stephwearne

Stress management

This is essential to keep bridezilla at bay. I keep myself very organised and use meditation, warm baths, herbal tea, and quality time with family and friends to keep this under control.
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