These goodies are the perfect guilt-free indulgence

Gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar-free AND delicious.

You may have heard of the benefits of chocolate (or any other) protein balls. Yes, they’re a great snack when you don’t want to hit the vending machine and surrender to the cries of the KitKat.
But the story behind The Clean Treats Factory digs a little deeper than being just another healthy snack. Founder, Charlie De Haas wants you to know that loving yourself is first and foremost, the not-so-secret key ingredient to every treat she makes.
After overcoming adversity, Charlie decided to make a healthy change for the better, changing her focus to health and wellbeing, and recently lost 10 kilos when she aligned with her brand vision and became vegetarian.
As for her treats, no ingredient is left unpronounceable, with all your favourite gluten, dairy, refined sugar and preservative free features.

“If you can’t understand an ingredient, how can you expect your body to understand it? Your digestive system has more cells than your brain so if you don’t know what chemical #506 is, how is your body meant to know what to do with it?’ says founder Charlie de Haas.
A visit to the Clean Treats Factory homepage and you’ll understand why a hefty dose of love and clean ingredients is what makes #charliesballs so special. The “Love Balls” featuring chocolate nut and/or vanilla pecan, are perfect for a afternoon pick-me-up, and the ingredients are as simple as they come, not to mention extremely satisfying. But the blueberry cheese cake quite literally takes the cake, with a delicious and raw combo of blueberries and nuts that (just might) leave room for an extra slice. Need we mention the guilt-free peanut butter and caramel slices?

Moreover, Team Amodrn have taste-tested their treats and they are absolutely delicious (we dare you to stop at only one!). Safe to say we are feeling the love! Simple put, they are the perfect indulgent snack for those who want to be healthy, but not restricted.
Whatever your inspiration, we can’t help but smile at this positive entrepreneur and her enthusiastic take on motivating others:

“I’m out here doing my thing, being the change I want to see in the world, by being the change in my world. Because that’s all we really can do… be the change in your environment and lead my example.”

The Clean Treats Factory


Instagram: @thecleantreatsfactory

Facebook: TheCleanTreatsFactory


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