Omega-3 Made From Algae? How One Brand Is Changing The Supplement Game

An interview with Simris founders Fredrika and Daphne.

best alternative to fish oil

If you’re ever itching to start taking vitamins, any expert, alive or dead, would recommend you start with fish oils. Often, we hear endless chatter about the incredible benefits of taking the supplement rich in Omega-3s and how each and every part of your body will change drastically from the tiny pill. There’s no doubt about its healing properties: it contributes to normal brain and eye development, fights inflammation and may help prevent heart disease and a decline in brain function.
What if we told you that there was a plant-based alternative? One that is GMO-free, made in a recyclable jar, that significantly reduces your ecological footprint? Simris is our one and only go-to. The amazing brand takes the algae that give fish that special, fatty acid, and creates a product that is safe to consume, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Keep reading below for our interview with founders Fredrika and Daphne to learn all about the revolutionary supplement.

How Was Simris Created?

While doing her Ph.D. in biotechnology, Fredrika fell in love with the amazing potential of algae. As a vegan, she already knew that omega-3s don’t come from fish but from algae. During her long runs, she was a trail ambassador for Salomon and training for ultra-marathon. She began planning how to build an algae farm to produce these important marine oils from a better, more sustainable source. Her long hours on the trails paid off, and right after she had obtained her Ph.D., she started to develop the farming process and built Sweden’s first algae farm. Fredrika was soon joined by her daughter Daphne, an ex elite volleyball player, whose Master’s thesis research revolved around exclusive natural beauty products. Daphne’s passion for wellness and the beauty industry and the duo’s inherent devotion to all things health and wellbeing, gave birth to Simris as we know it today.

On Why There Was A Need For A Product Like Simris On The Market Today:

We wanted to give everyone regardless of diets or lifestyles the possibility to have a sustainable and planet-friendly alternative to fish oil. Not all supplements are created equal. Most omega-3 products on the market are made from fish and krill, or from non-traceable algae. For the caring consumer, and for those not eating fish, Simris is the only real choice out there.
Our omega-3s are made with meticulous care for details. From the GMO-free tiny miracle plants that we farm and harvest, to the recyclable and high-end design of the jar. Everything with diligence regarding our ecological footprint. Aside from the obvious reasons for including omega-3 in your daily life; the all-around positive effects on your general well-being, hair quality, skin appearance, and inner glow, new studies alarmingly show the link between declining IQ-levels in the western world and not enough omega-3 in your diet. With Simris, we make the world a little prettier, healthier and smarter.

best alternative to fish oil
Image: Simris

Talk To Us About Simris and It’s Incredible Technology:

Our core technology is photosynthesis, that awesome cool process that microalgae invented to turn sun-power into energy, aka essential omega-3s and other nutrients. All plants do it, but microalgae did it first. Usually when you think about algae your think of nori or seaweed in the ocean. Microalgae is a completely different story. Our greenhouse Algae Farm is a high-tech facility with glass modules. We grow our precious microalgae in closed systems, with extremely high demands on quality and purity. In this way, we can ensure an omega-3 oil that is ecologically sustainable, guaranteed free from 19 environmental toxins, and packed with maximal healthy substances, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.

Tell Us About The Product Line:

Simris® Algae Omega-3. The ultimate choice for you who aspire for greatness. Both for yourself and for the planet. Health is about enjoying life to the fullest, and this is one of the key ingredients. Simris® Algae Omega-3 for Athletes. This is for you who want the power to perform and the freedom to be active. The powerful antioxidant astaxanthin will help you get the most out of your workout. Simris® Algae Omega-3 for Mothers. This is for every caring mama out there creating new life. Designed for mothers who aim for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy baby. Algae glow for your baby!

Why Is Omega-3 So Important?

The list of good the essential omegas-3 brings to your life is endless. First of all: Omega-3 is not another superfood. Omegas are essential to human wellbeing and that is why a supplement is a good idea for those who don’t obtain it through their diets. Omega-3 are crucial in combating inflammation and keeping joints in good health. They also have a profound role in maintaining cardiovascular health, cognitive function, sleep quality, cell function, fetus, and infant development, and childhood learning. In the end, omegas are some of the most important building blocks in our bodies. Without them, you simply cannot be optimal for you.

best alternative to fish oil
Image: Simris

What Do You Think Is Next For Simris?

Our wish is to inspire, but not to point the finger. And we have a lot of work to do on that front, so that is our main focus. We want to inspire people to make the right choices and give them the tools to do so. To share our knowledge as much as possible and create a whole wave of positive change. We also want people to feel good about what they consume, offer them a brag-worthy product that they want to show off! Think about it, every jar of Simris Algae Omega-3 saves so many little fish. Some say it takes up to 600 sardines to produce a jar of fish-oil omega-3s! Not cool. If everyone replaced their fish-oil with pure and safe algae omegas? That would sure be a whole big wave of positive change!
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