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Here’s Why Magnesium Can Play a Significant Role in Your Physical Fitness

Say hello to more energy, better sleep, and less stress.

Whether you’re exercising for fun, weight loss, or your overall health, it can be a little difficult to ensure you have enough energy to get through your workout efficiently. Surprisingly, it makes a lot of sense that 80% of Americans are deficient in this essential nutrient, according to the Urology of Virginia. They say that this vital nutrient is required by your body to stay healthy. It even makes up 60% of our teeth and our bones and 40% of our muscles—the basic building blocks of our body and the foundational organs that keep us healthy and moving. It would make sense that magnesium can play a significant role in our physical fitness by helping feed these important pillars of our overall health, but by also providing energy to help us up and running, as well as even aid in our sleep (which is how we recover from physical activity). We’ve created an incredible list of reasons magnesium can help you with your workout and play a big part in your fitness journey. Keep reading for more!

Here Are the Reasons Magnesium Can Play a Significant Role in Your Physical Fitness

1) Magnesium Supports Many Bodily Processes

According to Urology of Virginia, “magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation”. Magnesium assists in boosting our brain and mood, support our immune system, generates energy and supports nerve functioning. Our body could use this extra energy to get through a rigorous HIIT or long-haul heavy weightlifting session. You cannot consume this mineral yourself; you must consume it through foods or supplements. While a lot of food contains magnesium, 20% of Americans only get enough of this nutrient. We recommend finding a supplement that can boost your magnesium levels, like  BiOptimizer’s Magnesium Breakthrough. This supplement is the only one available on the market that offers the full spectrum of all seven types of magnesium specially formulated to reach every tissue in your body to provide maximum health benefits and reverse low levels which could be causing health issues. Did you know that even those taking magnesium supplements only get two kinds? If you don’t get enough magnesium, some research from the Urology of Virginia suggests that you can’t fully absorb other important nutrients like enough Vitamin D,

magnesium and physical fitness
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2) Magnesium Supports Healthy Stress Response

We all know that boosting your mood is the key to getting into the gym and having a stress-free workout. When you’re happier, and your mood is stable, you cannot continue to do routines that help you feel better and be healthy. According to the Urology of Virginia, “magnesium plays a key role in boosting brain health. This includes fighting mental health challenges. It can support healthy stress responses and affect many different things in your body, from your brain to your bones. Low mineral levels have even been associated with certain mental health challenges. Magnesium is crucial to your health and a major player in making you feel a sense of well-being. With awareness around magnesium taking center stage in the wellness world, let’s look at why magnesium is essential for your well-being”.

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3) Magnesium Supports Better and Deeper Sleep

The National Institute of Health estimates that about 30% of the general population suffers from some sleep disruption. Did you know that sleep is essential to your overall health? You can feel it if you don’t get your recommended daily sleep. So many things go wrong, from mood swings to difficulty concentrating and overeating. Sleep has a huge ability to mess with your body and mind. Magnesium calms and relaxes your nervous system, so your body and mind are ready to sleep. It also regulates melatonin so that you can sleep like a baby. If you get great sleep, you’ll have an amazing recovery from working your body out. This can lead to gains in the gym and greater heart health in the long run.

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4) Increases Fitness Ability and Recovery

What does a workout do? Our heart rate increases and we exercise that muscle and other muscles in our body. We need to calm down after a workout to recover, and magnesium helps us relax post-sweat sessions. Calcium contracts our muscles on the other end, so we have enough magnesium to ensure a few rest days when we’re not in the gym. If you don’t have enough, your muscles can find it harder to relax. A sign of this? Constant sore muscles or cramps? Make sure you get enough to get in tip-top shape.

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