Here’s Why Fashion Bloggers Are Obsessed With These Comfy & Versatile Sneakers

They’re not too sporty or too modern, but still stylish enough to elevate you to cool-girl status.

We love shoes. But, we also hate them.
While we obsess over their beauty and squeal with glee when we bring them home, they can also cause some serious pain. Throbbing feet and unsightly blisters, anyone?
Unfortunately, comfortable, fashionable shoes are often hard to come by. And since being cosy and on-trend is the dream scenario (right up there with permanent beach weather and long weekends), it seems we’re in a bit of a pickle. Or are we?
Converse sneakers are arguably the most recognised footwear in the world and since the Chuck Taylor All Star redesign in 2015; they’re comfier than ever. For the most part, the updated design pays homage to the original, with a few small comfort-focused tweaks. Yep, don’t let the movies fool you; fashion editors, bloggers and models are not in sky-high stilettos 24/7, more often than not, they’re rocking these bad boys.
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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II: The Sequel

converse chuck taylor all star, fashion, style

The Chuck Taylor All Star II is all about comfort—without compromising style.
Featuring a Nike Lunarlon insole for cushioning and arch support (hoorah), and a re-made canvas upper, these classic kicks are perfect for those who are always on the go (aren’t we all!?). Other tweaks to the sneakers, which were originally designed in 1917, include a padded non-slip tongue and super-soft micro suede lining, which help improve breathability so your feet won’t sweat (and stink) as much.
They’re not too sporty or too modern, but still stylish enough to elevate you to cool-girl status. And seriously, what’s not to love about a sneaker that goes with everything and can be worn (literally!) anywhere? We can already see ourselves wearing these all year long, wherever we go, whether it’s to the beach, bar, local cafe or even work.

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