Here’s What You’ll Find In The Kitchen Of Yoga Instructor, Calvin Corzine

Calvin Corzine joins #DishingWithAmodrn.

Here’s What You’ll Find In The Kitchen Of Yoga Instructor, Calvin Corzine

This week we’ve got Calvin Corzine (AKA @calvmonster) joining us for #DishingWithAmodrn to spill the real deal on all things fridge and food… with a splash of tequila for good measure.
Born and raised in LA, Calvin grew up surrounded by a community submerged in yoga. Always intrigued by the excitement of the physical world, his love of surfing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Pilates eventually led to his own connection to yoga, launching into his current path as a teacher.
Alright Calvin, time to dish! 
dishing with sporteluxe

First thing in the am, what is your go-to wellness food/drink you consume?

Black coffee, always. 

What is the weirdest thing in the name of wellness that you have consumed?

That’s a good question… I feel like if I had a reason to I would try most weird things as long as I could stomach them. I did go through a phase for a bit where I ate chicken ceviche (so basically raw chicken). I’m lucky that one didn’t go bad. 

If you could pick 3 foods to eat for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Just based on what I like; coffee, avocados, steak. But if we are talking health-wise, probs some sort of leafy green, some type of fish like salmon or tuna and a grain like brown rice so I could try to be nice and balanced. 

dishing with sporteluxe

What food habits do most people not know about you?

I’m an open book, so the people close to me know that I’m basically like a garbage disposal as far as my kinda insane appetite. I think because I teach yoga some people assume I don’t eat meat… they are wrong. I have tried the vegetarian and vegan diets for very long periods of time and they just don’t work for me. I eat red meat at least a few times a week maybe?  

What is your spirit vegetable? 

I got nothing witty on this one, so let’s go with Kabocha squash because I love those things lately.

Name your No. 1 must-have in your kitchen. 


Favorite healthy beverage?

Does tequila count? Haha. I don’t drink a lot of flavored drinks really, so maybe like an original-flavored kombucha, with 2 ginger shots poured into it. But I’m pretty simple… usually just water and coffee.

Go-to guilty pleasure?

100% bread pudding, I freaking LOVE that stuff. 

Bedtime snack?

If I have been drinking… NAC to help for the hangover.
If I’m having a lazy night… homemade popcorn with ghee. 
If my stomach is messed up… coconut probiotic yogurt with blueberries. 
If I need dessert… chocolate. 

If we looked in your fridge now, what’s the first thing that we’ll see? 

To be honest… two pre-made meals for tomorrow because I have a gnarly day ahead of me, a few big things of water, a bag of green beans, a rotisserie chicken, a tomato, bag of spinach, a dozen eggs, four ginger beers, a cold brew. 
Be sure to check back in our IG page (@sporteluxe) for a BTS look into Calvin’s kitchen!

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