Here’s How The Self-Care Wheel Can Help You Live A More Balanced Life

It shows you which areas of your life need more attention!

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Many of us associate the term ‘self-care,’ with bubble baths, meditation, or taking long walks on the beach. And yes, these are all wonderful ways to practice it! But the truth is, self-care is a little more complex than that. To truly practice it effectively, you need to pay attention to every aspect of the self—the mind, body, and soul. But making sure you’re meeting all of these needs can be a little easier said than done. That’s why we love the idea of a self-care wheel that serves as a simple reminder of the six areas that require our attention.

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The self-care wheel was initially created by trauma prevention expert, Olga Phoenix, as a personal tool to help herself achieve a more balanced lifestyle. It then became an essential resource for her trauma patients. “I originally designed the self-care wheel for me, personally, as a tool to get to that seemingly unattainable place of life balance, meaning, and contentment,” Olga told POPSUGAR. “It is an empowering, affirming, and positive tool, comprised of six dimensions: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal, and professional. Each dimension represents a part of our lives which requires our daily attention.”

Under each of the six dimensions is a range of practical activities you can do to ensure each area is being nourished. You can see the wheel below or keep scrolling for a breakdown of the categories.

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• Exercise

• Sleep

• Eat healthily

• Have sex

• Get regular medical checkups


• Go to therapy

• Journal

• Self-reflect

• Relax

• Ask for help

• Do something creative


• Laugh

• Find a hobby

• Practice self-love

• Cry

• Forgive

• Cuddle with your pet


Spend time outdoors

• Meditate

• Volunteer

• Practice yoga

• Pray

• Get inspired


• Create a vision board

• Get out of debt

• Establish goals

• Spend time with loved ones

• Learn who you are

• Cook


• Leave work at work

• Take holidays, sick, and mental health days

• Plan your next career move

Take lunch breaks

• Avoid working during days off

• Learn to say no

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