Healthy eating while traveling just got a whole lot easier

Make sure you make a pit stop at this health hub on your next European adventure.

You probably think that travelling rarely involves healthy eating choices. Between pre-packaged sandwiches, fast-food burgers and the like, your healthy eating plans often come to an abrupt halt before your vacation starts. Granted, there’s the option of prepping a few healthy snacks for the road, but with an increasingly paranoid security checkpoint, who is to argue that those boiled eggs may be a “security hazard” on the flight? We’re not one to argue with customs.
So if you’re like us and can’t live without the green juice, there’s some good news for those of you traveling through Europe, and more precisely, Spain. Located in Terminal 4 in Aeropuerto Suarez Madrid-Bajadas, Esenza by SHA is a unique concept store attempting to mend the gap between a healthy lifestyle and being on-the-go. The space dedicated to healthy eating and overall wellness comes with organic unprocessed vegetables, juices, and meals that follow the principles of a simple and healthy macrobiotic diet (so no dairy, meat, processed flour or refined sugar!). Grab something to enjoy on your flight, or sit back and relax in their bright and airy café.

Based on the success of SHA wellness clinic, the one-stop-shop also boasts a spa complete with manicures, pedicures and massage treatments, as well as facial treatments and a hair stylist, so you’ll be thankful your lay-over is more than just 20 minutes (although they do tailor to whatever time you have available).
With the wellness becoming trend a global phenomenon, we love that this influential concept is making its way to hotels and airports around the world, making future trips that much more enjoyable.
esenza by sha wellness centre airport madrid beauty salon spa treatment

Esenza by SHA

Address: Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport, Terminal 4

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