Healthstrology—Here’s What Your Wellness Routine Should Look Like For The Next Month

Virgo or not, here's how to get the most out of the season!

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Virgo season falls between August 23-September 22. But whether you’re a Virgo or not, you can benefit from making some lifestyle changes during this time of the year. Astro Style speaks of the importance of “healthstrology”—which means tailoring your health and wellness practices to the unique strengths and vulnerabilities of the season. 

You’ve likely heard of the sign’s reputation for having an extremely perfectionist nature. Virgos tend to be practical, intelligent and put a lot of pressure on themselves, which means that self-care and dedicated wellness-focused practices during this season are a must. Here’s what your wellness routine should look like for the next month:

Stress reduction

Virgo season can be a high-stress time of the year, as Virgo’s are prone to over-thinking and creating a stream of worry and anxiety. They also tend to have a great mind-body connection, which means that stress can send their entire systems into a state of ill-health.

Thanks to a pervading perfectionist mentality, Virgo season is the perfect time to practice acceptance and forgiveness—of yourself and others. You might find yourself quick to react, which means that simple deep breathing can have a transformative effect on your ability to handle situations. Meditation is a non-negotiable during Virgo season, in an effort to keep you grounded and able to tackle daily tasks with a clear head.

Healthy eats

Virgo is an earth sign, which can inherently lend itself to a diet of heavy foods (said to create ‘excess earth’). If you feel prone to sluggishness during Virgo season, spiced, steamed vegetables, soups, fruit salads, and herbal teas should feature heavily in your diet.

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Bitter greens—think dandelion greens, chicory and spinach—can enhance the workings of the Virgo-ruled small intestine. These foods will stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes and bile—which is a godsend for Virgo season as a wellbeing focus for the month should be digestive health. Astro Style contends that Virgo season is the perfect time of the year to try an elimination diet—to help you identify foods that do not sit well in your system and remove triggers that disrupt digestion.

Head outdoors

Virgo season is a great month to immerse yourself in nature. Whether it’s early morning beach walks to watch the sun rise or simply dedicating some time to the vegetables you’re growing on your balcony, nature will soothe the Virgo spirit.

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Get creative

The month of Virgo is the perfect time to immerse yourself in a detailed creative project. Whatever you want to make, whether it’s Christmas cards a few months early to put your calligraphy skills to the test, knitting something warm for next winter or doing a spot of drawing or painting, Virgo season ideal for taking some quiet time to yourself to work on something creative.


Virgo’s have a instinct for bringing order to chaos. They thrive in a clean, uncluttered and organised environment, which means you should take this opportunity to get your own life in order. Start small and pick a drawer that you’ve been aiming to sort through and purge all of the things you don’t need (receipts, junk mail and all of the birthday cards you keep because you can’t bear to throw them away), then you’ll quickly want to work your way through your entire home.

The spiritual element of decluttering is just what the Virgo doctor ordered.

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