GRANA's Activewear Collection Is Finally Here—And It's Amazing

You have to see it for yourself!

I’m pretty lucky with my work in that I get to trial and see all the latest in the wellness world. I get to smear new honey moisturisers into my skin, gulp down collagen ingestibles, spritz Chakra balancing mists all over my aura, and don the latest high-tech active fashion.
But, the brands that really grab my somewhat ‘short attention span’ are the ones that change the way I think.
Case in point: GRANA’s first activewear collection, GRANA MOVE, just arrived on my desk and I was intrigued. Look, I’ll be honest. I’ve only known Grana for their luxury wardrobe essentials. Yet, when their press release stated that they were merging into the activewear category, I did a second take. Are they really? This is groundbreaking! I was keen to know if they nailed the fit and function.
GRANA move, activewear, fashion, style
What gets me is that almost every brand that I know has created an active capsule to stay inline with the wellness curve. Most have created their sportswear line to compliment their fashion line often with a poor workout fit or it’s been purely created for function with lack of fashion style, or they’ve cracked the nail on the head in creating a product that caters to both markets (which is what I love and look for in activewear).
So, here I am, in partnership with GRANA trialling their newest foray into the activewear world of fashion.

Introducing GRANA MOVE

As I always say and as you can see in my images, a picture tells a thousand words. And, I’m pleased to say that Grana has hit the nail on the head with both fashion and function. Expect high-quality activewear fused with high-tech fabrics that aim to please an active living philosophy. Basically a win-win in my wellness world.
GRANA move, activewear, fashion, style
As excited as I am with their products, I’m also happy to share this with you as a recommendation from me! (because it’s safe to say I ONLY partner with and recommend products that always pass the ‘Bianca test’).
GRANA move, activewear, fashion, style, Bianca Cheah
Cheers to the GRANA MOVE Collection and say hello to their newest fan (me)!
B xx
*(Please note, the above is a partnership with Grana Move. This piece of content is of my own honest opinion). 

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