Why West Hollywood hotspot, Gracias Madre is a must-visit

Organic, plant-based Mexican? Yes, please!

It’s no secret that Mexican food is worthy of a religious following, and whether Down Under or State Side, we defy you to argue the pleasure of a good burrito (accompanied, or not, by a margarita). However, if you are State Side, it’s safe to say that California is rightfully an expert when it comes to its neighboring country’s food and culture (for those of you who failed geography, we’re talking about Mexico).
So hold on to your sombreros, because you’re in for a culinary ride at West Hollywood hotspot, Gracias Madre. From the geniuses who brought you Café Gratitude, comes this plant-based eatery.
Renowned head chef, Chandra Gilbert draws inspiration from her employee’s families and their traditional home-cooked meals to create wholesome dishes using only organic, locally sourced food. As a result, every dish is all about, and made with, love. And that’s just what you taste with every single bite: “un lugar en la mesa del amor”.  Or if you’re like us and also failed Spanish: “A seat at love’s table”.
We’re practically salivating at their brunch, lunch and dinner menus, featuring all your favorites Chimichangas and Enchiladas. Amodrn’s own Bianca Cheah tested out the Coconut Bacon Torta (yes, coconut bacon!) and could not stop raving about the riot of flavours. Meanwhile, the uber tasty Chilaquiles boast cashew cheese, black beans and spicy tomato salsa, along with a satisfying portion of guacamole and tortilla chips (although one does ponder the possibility of reaching satisfaction in the guacamole department). In case your taste buds can still handle it after all that, you could even go for the Flautas De Camote: two rolled tacos with sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, pico de gallo, guacamole, cashew nacho cheese and cilantro.
If the food doesn’t have you convinced, then one of their intricate and colourful cocktails will. We’re talking Tequila-matcha-coconut milk cocktails and their famous boozy popsicles, which are guaranteed to have you dancing with the mariachis and shaking those maracas.
Do not cry tears of culinary lust, amigos, for the dream is still within reach. You can check out their delectable dishes on Instagram and fantasize about moving to L.A., or better yet moving into the restaurant itself. With a stunning combination of Spanish-hacienda-meets-leafy-greenhouse, you will come for the food and stay for the chic vibes.

Gracias Madre
Image credits L to R: @bloggerswhobrunchla and @gmweho

Gracias Madre

Address: 8905 Melrose AvenueWest Hollywood, CA 90069
Website: www.graciasmadreweho.com 
Instagram: @gmwewho


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