Got That Winter Layer? Here's How To Shed Belly Fat In Time For Bikini Season

Which is just around the corner, FYI!

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Let’s talk about belly fat. As a personal trainer, this is something I get so many questions about, and let’s face it—a flat and toned tummy is something we have probably all dreamed of having.
First and foremost, I need to address the elephant in the room. When it comes to shedding belly fat, we need to remember that we cannot spot reduce. In an ideal world we could specifically target areas to lose weight on our body but in reality this is simply not the case.
However, the good news here is what we can do is reduce our overall body fat percentage, and this is the key to significantly shedding the layer of fat that is covering your soon to be washboard abs. So if shedding belly fat is your aim of the game, there are the 5 things that I want you to focus on:

Max your metabolism

When you’re looking to reduce your overall body fat and shift stubborn kilos from your midsection, then boosting your metabolism should be your first port of call. A combination of the right nutrition and metabolic training (HIIT and resistance) is the best way you can do this.

Stick to real food

At the end of the day, toning your troubled tummy region is a balancing act between training and nutrition so, remember that what you put in your mouth is just as important as what you do at the gym. My advice when it comes to nutrition—just keep it real! Reducing your intake of refined carbs, salt, alcohol and added sugar is the easiest way you can work towards burning off that muffin top, so try to stay away from processed and packaged food where possible.

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Step it up

You want your core muscles to be strong, functional and with good endurance so they should be worked in some capacity almost every day. But all of this is useless if you don’t burn the fat that covers them and the most efficient way to do this is through HIIT. It’s 2018, training has evolved and if you’re still thinking lots of sit ups and long runs is the way to go then you need to get with the program!

Munch mindfully

Have you ever scoffed down your lunch while being so focused on what’s happening on your phone or computer screen that you can’t even remember what you ate? This something that I have definitely been guilty of myself. The thing is, scoffing your food and eating too quickly can cause the body to swallow air, leading to poor digestion and bloating, and in turn get your tummy in trouble. I’m always telling my 28ers that when it comes to meal time—just take  it slow! Try to be mindful when you’re eating each meal and avoid eating on the go—instead focus on enjoying every bite and ditch the distractions during meal time.

H20 is the way to go

It may sound simple—but staying hydrated is something that we can easily forget but is one point that I cannot stress enough. Staying hydrated helps flatten your tummy by boosting your metabolism and flushing out any excess bloat or water weight you might be holding on to, so buy yourself a water bottle and keep it on your desk at work as a constant reminder.

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