Couple Goals: The Gender-Neutral Beauty Prods You Need On Your Shelfie

Forget pink or blue, gender-agnostic is where it’s at.

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When you hear the phrase ‘beauty products’, you instantly conjure images of beauty halls at department stores which, let’s face it, almost solely target women. Often referred to as the pink tax, the fact that women are consistently charged more than men for personal care products doesn’t quite sit right.

Luckily, gender neutral brands and products are on the rise, and they negate the need for ‘his and hers’ if your partner is male, meaning you can share one body oil between you, save a fair bit of dough and create extra space on your bathroom shelf. A trio of victories!

The move towards less overtly feminine products is demonstrative of the representation, inclusion and less binary labels that more and more people want to see in the beauty industry.

Here’s three gender-neutral products you should be adding to your radar (and your shared-bathroom):

Everyday Oil

You know that body oil that we said you could share with your partner? You’re going to want to make it this one. Everyday Oil is a unisex product that is intended for use on your whole body, and for your whole family. A minimalists dream, this streamlined product can be applied on your body, face hair, cuticles, beard and can be used as a natural insect repellent, bath soak, after-sun treatment and massage oil. Phew. Safe to say, it will dramatically streamline your beauty routine (and look cute AF on your shelfie).

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Non Gender Specific

Exactly as it says on the tin, this non gender specific brand is a cult favourite for simplified, streamlined skincare. Frustrated by the segregation of the beauty industry, founder Andrew Glass envisioned “a brand with no gender boundaries, and products that delivered exceptional results covering a wide-range of skin concerns.” The brand’s most iconic product is The Everything Serum, which combats all major skin complaints including wrinkles, elasticity, skin fatigue, hyper-pigmentation, brightness and pore-size reduction. Their aim is to “promote individuality and believe in gender-equality for all identities, whether it’s male, female or one of the other 71 known gender identities.” Hear hear!


Genderless makeup is here gang, and it couldn’t look any cuter if it tried. The brand’s hashtag #MakeUpHasNoGender encompasses Jecca’s philosophy that every gender and every community has the right to harness the often transformative power of makeup. The brand’s first item is the Correct & Conceal Palette, which creates a luminous base for all wearers and effortlessly covers beard shadow, birth marks and acne.

Here’s to making 2018 the year of breaking down stigmas, dismantling stereotypes and celebrating one another for being exactly who we are.

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