4 Hauntingly Good Halloween Inspired Hairstyles You Can Do At Home

Boss Hair Group gave us some easy yet spooky looks to try out.

best halloween hairstyles

As spooky season comes to a close, and we wipe the photos off of our orange-colored mood board, it’s time to prepare ourselves for our favorite night of the year, Halloween. You might be someone who doesn’t really like to dress up, or absolutely ready to take on the night in full garb. Lucky for you, Boss Hair Group, Chicago’s top eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty-free salon space specializing in all creative things hair, gave us a collection of fun, Halloween-inspired looks. Created by BOSS hairstylist Ramona Villanueva, these styles incorporate muslin, black velvet ribbons and faux Fall flowers. Minimalist or full throttle Halloween obsesseé, you’ll have these looks down in no time.

The Mummy Tail

halloween hairstyles you can do at home
Image: Boss Hair Group

Muslin wrap strips and floral wire were also used to create an interesting ponytail that bends and twists into any shape. “The muslin strips inspired me to create a fun mummy/fringe look off the ponytail,” explains Ramona. The hair was braided tightly at the base of the head with floral wire.  Ramona did a regular tight three-strand braid. This style takes a plain Jane braid that wouldn’t normally be worn as is and dresses it up to be as festive as they come.” Then, the muslin strips were folded in half and looped down the braid so the ends were left hanging.

“The Nightmare Before” Braid

halloween hairstyles you can do at home
Image: Boss Hair Group

This look features tulle wrapped around Dutch braids to create contrast and a texture difference. The style starts with two tight Dutch braids down the head. They are separated from the middle part from the front all the way to the nape. A Dutch braid is similar to a French braid but it sits atop the hair. So, when interweaving the three strands, the hair is added under the braid to make the braid pop.
You can, however, use a weaving tool to help to get the tulle neatly wound down the braid. Using a plastic tool, like a sewing needle, makes this interesting braid much easier to achieve. Ramona left the ends out and secured them with a black rubber band.

The Faux Flower-Fall

halloween hairstyles you can do at home
Image: Boss Hair Group

The dark faux flowers were woven into two loose pigtails to create a soft undone look. The pigtails were also secured at the end with a black ribbon to pull the look together. For braid beginners, the pigtails can be done easily with just a three-strand technique. However, you can add more dimension and texture with different braiding styles depending on your preferences and skill level.
“Dark flowers and ribbons are great Fall time accessories to mark the festive October and Halloween occasions. This look is also perfect for an autumn bride or even a wedding party.”

The Black Infinity

halloween hairstyles you can do at home
Image: Boss Hair Group

This half-up/half-down look was inspired by the beautiful infinity braids we’ve been seeing this Summer. However, this look has a Fall flair by adding the velvet ribbon as an accessory. The infinity symbol, seen in math, looks like a figure eight, as does this braid when wound. Starting with two strands of hair, a third strand is wound around the two to create a figure eight. However, working down the hair, the piece that is the “figure eight” needs to be kept taught for the full effect of the structure to take place.
“An infinity braid can be also styled using all the hair down the back of the head, in small sections for detail. In this look or even just at the base of the head for a different take on a braid that’s over the shoulder. Heavier fabrics, like velvet, are also great to use during the Fall/Winter months to mimic the colder weather that comes upon us.”
For more information, visit Boss Hair Group here. To read all about five vegan lollipops that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, lick here

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