You'll Be Seeing Amanda Kloots—And Her Amazingly Effective Workout Method—Everywhere In 2017

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I left New York City for the best coast almost three years ago. Even though I’ve never regretted my move—Los Angeles (and the West Coast in general) is perfectly synced to my wellness philosophy—sometimes I hop on social media and feel a pang of jealousy when I catch a glimpse of what my New York people are up to.

Especially when I spy that they’re in a fitness class that’s unlike anything I can try here in L.A. Recently, I took insta-stalking to the next level when I hopped on Bandier’s Studio B account. The super-chic athleisure retailer opened a gorgeous new studio above their store, and their schedule is fire. It reads like a who’s-who list of up-and-coming fitness classes: Yoga for Bad People, ModelFit, The Class. But the workout I was most intrigued by? The Rope with Amanda Kloots.
Kloots, a former Radio City Rockette, created her method with one singular prop in mind—the jump rope. There’s something so appealingly minimalistic about it—no fancy gimmicks or complicated pieces of equipment to reckon with. Just your bod and the rope. And ya’ll, this workout is no joke. I had the opportunity to take Kloots’ class (FYI, she’s just as impossibly beautiful, tall, and fit in real life as she is in pictures), and totally fell in love. Halfway through class, it was already apparent that Kloots is the real deal. I was sweating, shaking, and loving every minute of her unique workout.  You’re hearing it here first—The Rope is the next big thing in boutique fitness classes.
The woman has big plans to take The Rope bicoastal in the next few months, but if you’re one of those lucky ones in NYC you can already get the full experience at Studio B.

amanda klootz, nyc, workout, the rope


Born: Born in Canton, Ohio but have lived in NYC for the last 16 years!

Known for: Creator of The Rope Class, also for being on Broadway and a Radio City Rockette

Personal motto: Be positive!

Success is: When you try and give 100 perfect, you’ve succeeded. 

Advice I would give to my 20-year-old self:  To move through changes slower.  Breathe, be patient and know that the answer will come in time. 

People are surprised that I: Am also a dessert critic!   I have a website with my best friend,

I’m inspired by (person, place or idea):  I am inspired by my clients.  They keep me motivated and challenged!

The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: Starting my own business!  Whew, I didn’t really think I ever would. Hopefully it will pay off. 

From my mistakes, I have learned: Honor them, apologize for them if needed, and then let them take you to a new direction. 

My most used emoji is: The smile face that is crying because it’s laughing so hard or a heart

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Wake up time: 6am!
Morning ritual: Right to coffee and a glass of Emergen-C Super Orange Flavor!
Desk lunch: I eat Sakara on a daily basis!  It is an all organic plant based food delivery program!
Last thing I do at night: Pillow talk with my man
Guilty pleasure: A great dinner out on the town!  I love a steakhouse!  I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I love a good filet with all the sides, a bottle of red wine, and an amazing dessert!
3 things vital to my day: Exercise, sleep, and playing with my dog Ginger!
Cafe: I love Cafe Gratitude in LA
Juice: Pure Watermelon Juice
Coffee: My own french press at home but I like Starbucks Blonde beans with Hazelnut Coffeemate Creamer.
Culture stop: The Met! I love seeing ABT perform!
Studio/gym: Studio B at Bandier



Sports top: I love Onsie tops
Sports shorts: I don’t normally wear shorts but I love Alala leggins and Emily Hsu Leggings
Shoes: For workouts I like Newtons, and for everything else Tory Burch makes great slip ons and everyday sneakers
Sunglasses: Anything cheap because I tend to loose them!
Watch: Dying for the new Michael Kors smart watch!  I’m in the advertisement video for it training Zendaya!
Store: Asos online and Reformation
New season must have: I am in LOVE with this leather jacket at Scotch & Soda that has gold stars on it!  It’s a must have!

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App: Instagram

Binge watch: Game of Thrones

Instagram stalk: Anything fitness

Album love: Coldplay!!!  Every album of Coldplay haha


Website: coming soon!!!

Instagram: @theropenyc @amandakloots

Facebook: Amanda Kloots

Snap: blondie_snap

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