Fit, Single And Ready To Mingle? Mark This Event Into Your Diary

fit, single and ready to mingle

Keen for some abs and potentially a boyfie? You might very well score both at this year’s ‘Fit 4 Love’ Singles Event held down at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.
Bondi’s fitness gurus, Cassey Maynard and Alicia Beveridge from BUF Girls, along with Dylan Rivier (Built By Dylan) and Blake Worrall-Thompson (creator of 6w2s) are joining forces for the second year in a row to bring together an event designed for singles ready to mingle who also share a passion for fitness.
Here, we chat to BUF Girls Trainer, Cassey Maynard about what you can look forward to at the event, and if this sounds right up your alley, keep scrolling to nab your ticket!
What is the inspiration behind this event?
There is a real struggle these days for people to meet those of the opposite sex. Everyone is online but no-one is mingling in person. We wanted to create a fun and healthy environment for girls and guys to interact and meet like minded people.
What exactly can people expect from the Fit 4 Love event?
We will have an epic LOVE playlist, fun themed workout and lots of interaction with the opposite sex. There will also be a post sweat session catch up in the afternoon. Drinks at sunset to really get serious and create some great vibes!
Is it designed for any fitness level?
Absolutely! Anyone is welcome. It’s not about being the fittest or strongest but instead about having fun whilst moving your body. Flirting is also encouraged!
What other offerings will there be?
Workout and some serious good vibes are included in the price.
What are your top “self-love” tips you want every women out there to know leading up to Valentine’s Day? 

  • Comparison is the thief of joy
  • You’ve got to love yourself before you go giving love away to others
  • Love your body for what it can do rather than what it looks like
  • Dedicate time for self care — bubble bath, long walk, glass of wine — whatever makes your heart sing!


Event Info

When: Saturday, Feb 17

Where: Bondi Beach

Time: 7:30am

Get your tickets here!

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