5 Easy & Fun Ways to Sneak A Workout Into Your Day

Fitness, but make it fun.

5 Easy & Fun Ways to Sneak A Workout Into Your Day
5 Easy & Fun Ways to Sneak A Workout Into Your Day

Exercise isn’t just about physical results – it’s a surefire way to release tension and anxiety, free the mind and put yourself in a better mental state. And yet despite all of its feel-good benefits, there are days you can’t help but resist it. If exercise isn’t an enjoyable experience, it’s getting pushed way down the to-do list.
Fortunately, exercise doesn’t have to feel like, well, exercise. When even the best motivation can’t get you into the studio for your go-to workout, switch it up and take a playful approach! Finding simple ways to move will trigger the release of serotonin and endorphins, and who knows, you may even feel up for another workout once you get the ball rolling.
We’ve partnered with Chill By Will to share five of our favorite ways to tap into a sense of well-being and get yourself moving, without feeling like exercise.

1. Hop On A Bike

Whether you prefer cruising the coast or rolling through the neighborhood, channel your inner-child and dust off those wheels in the name of fun. Cycologists (*wink) say riding brings mood-boosting effects and is associated with a variety of health benefits including stabilized blood sugar levels and overall aerobic endurance. Get your friends involved and bike to brunch – a good spin just might start a chain reaction.

2. Break Into Dance

Shake it off, sis. A couple minutes of dancing counts as care-free cardio. Apart from its natural way of elevating your mood, getting lost in the music can increase stamina, strengthen bones, and improve muscular endurance and flexibility. Let those endorphins flow freely with your playlist.

3. Dress The Part 

The right clothes will put you in the right attitude, and make any workout more enjoyable. Sometimes all you need is the right outfit to remember how fun it is to move your body!
Activewear brand Chill By Will knows a thing or two about inspiring movement. Co-owned and designed by fitness pro, Christina Powter and fashion expert, Tiffany Noelani, the company has uniquely positioned itself in the world of athleisure as an empowering, fashion-forward brand that infuses softness within strength to awaken a desire for movement. Their newest Jewel Tones collection is no exception. From fit to functionality, the collection is pretty much an athleisure dream of bold hues, deep metallics and edgy cuts. Have a peek at our favorites, below!
Riley Bra & Bloom Legging
Find the Will to Get Moving: 5 Fun Ways to Sneak A Workout Into Your Day
Sage Bra & Haze Legging
Find the Will to Get Moving: 5 Fun Ways to Sneak A Workout Into Your Day
Slip into a new sleek style, get inspired and get moving.

4. Walk It Out

Walking is largely underrated in the world of exercise. In addition to extending life expectancy and reducing anxiety, walking is one of the easiest ways to fit low-intensity movement into your day. Try tackling your errands on foot, or indulge in a favorite podcast on your lunch break. Take it a step further (not sorry) and practice earthing to soak up significant healing benefits including reduced pain and stress, improved sleep and even anti-inflammatory effects.

 5. Grab A Hoola Hoop

Hoola for health! If the last time you used a hoop was on the playground, you’re in for a nostalgic treat. Hooping is a fun way to burn cals and improve core strength. Incorporate a little front-to-back, side-to-side, and slide-under Sumo squats action for a playful, feel-good workout. Get moving with your BFF and laughs are sure to ensue – we’ll count that as extra calories burned.

Chill by Will was born out of the innate will of women to succeed in every aspect of their lives, from the studio to the streets. The will to do one more rep, the will to create and cultivate relationships, the will to grow into future leaders. Thoughtfully designed with focus on fits for all body types, Chill by Will awakens in each woman a desire for movement by infusing softness within strength.

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