Finally! A Date-Free Snack Bar That Tastes Delicious, Minus The Sugar

Honest healthy snacks.

the daily bar snacks
Image: The Daily Bar

Snack time can get a little tricky. Sure, you can spend Sunday evening meal prepping your little heart out, but sometimes you’re going to find yourself in a situation where you didn’t have time to pack anything or you’re in need of a healthy snack on-the-go.
But what you don’t want to do is spend the time you don’t have standing there deciphering the label and trying to figure out if your ‘healthy’ snack contains more sugar than a cupcake.
This is where The Daily Bar comes in.
As a health and nutrition writer, I have come across many snacks in my time—and let me tell you, it’s refreshing to find one that a) don’t use dates as the main ingredient—or at all, for that matter—and b) boasts an exceptionally clean nutritional profile.

the daily bar snacks
Image: The Daily Bar

Low in sugar

Unlike most snack bars on the market, we predominantly use fats and proteins to bind the bars instead of dates or syrups, which is why our bars are considerably lower in sugars,” Alexandra Thursfield, founder of The Daily Bar tells Amodrn.
“Sugar is sugar. Although ‘natural’ sugars have benefits over refined, processed sugar, the effect on our insulin levels and our liver are still the same, so it’s really important we’re consuming even these ‘healthy’ sugars in moderation.”
“Our sweetener of choice is raw local honey, it’s one of natures purest alive foods and contains many beneficial health properties including 27 different minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants,” says Thursfield.

Refrigerated for nutritional superiority

Think about it: What is actually in your favourite snacks that allow them to sit on a shelf for long periods of time without spoiling? Apart from the addition of preservatives, Al explains that natural preservation methods include high sugar content or heat treatment which voids the food from a lot of its nutrients.

the daily bar snacks
Image: The Daily Bar

A pioneering concept in Australia, The Daily Bar has made the move into the ‘refrigerated shop range’ to maximise nutritional value. “Our move into the refrigerated space allows us to produce the cleanest and highest quality product nutritionally, using refrigeration as the only preservation methods,” Alexandra Thursfield. “Our bars are ‘alive’ food, made from nothing but real and raw ingredients. Being a refrigerated product allows us to create real food, where health benefits and nutrition are our core focus and aren’t compromised by the commercial pressure of needing to last a long time on the shelf.”

Contains only good-for-you ingredients

Some of the key ingredients you’ll find across The Daily Bar’s snack bar range include flax meal which is a great source of fibre and essential for digestive health, at least 7 different nuts and seeds in each serve, packed full of essential vitamins, mineral and amino acids as well as hemp, high in absorbable and digestible protein with essential omega 3s and 6s. And let’s not forget antioxidant-rich raw cacao, acai, beetroot and goji berries—all of which promote beauty from the inside out thanks to their anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting and anti-ageing properties.
“Inner beauty is a hugely popular topic at the moment which I love, I feel like it’s really changing the conversation around beauty, taking it out of the spotlight as our primary focus and instead, of moving it towards becoming just one of the many benefits of having healthy insides. For me, it’s all about nourishing the gut!”
“Better gut health means more energy, better digestion, mental health, moods, concentration, weight management, and skin. So looking after the gut is very much the cornerstone to so many areas of health,” says Alexandra.

the daily bar snacks
Image: The Daily Bar

Eco-friendly packaging

The Daily Bar’s packaging is 100% certified home compostable, the inner wrapper is made from renewable wood pulp fibre and the box is printed with the vegetable inks on recycled card.
“To me, ‘health’ is an all-encompassing notion beyond just our own selves, it most definitely extends to the health of our planet too. “It seems quite contradictory to wrap organic health food in plastic, which ends up in landfill literally filling our planet up from the inside out, so it was never an option for us to use anything but eco-friendly packaging.”
“With the design, I just wanted it to be something people would get excited about, I’m all about life’s little pleasures. I love the thought of being able to add a little bit of unexpected pleasure to someone’s day, where they might not have otherwise had itthat was definitely the inspiration behind our aesthetic.”
Ready to revolutionise your snack time? Check out The Daily Bar’s range of snack bars (including our favourite flavours, salted caramel, PB decadence and creamy coconut mango) over at

This is a paid article by The Daily Bar.

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