These Seemingly Harmless Everyday Habits Might Be Secretly Ageing You

Turns out, scrolling through Instagram may be giving you neck wrinkles.

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By now, we should all pretty familiar with certain factors that can contribute to ageing, like sun exposure, alcohol, pollution and smoking. But they aren’t the only things that could be causing premature wrinkles, sagging and fine lines. We hate to break it to you, but there are a number of everyday habits that could be secretly ageing you. Don’t fret yet, though—we’re here to help.
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Habit: Scrolling Through Instagram (For Hours On End)

Turns out, constantly being on our phones has led to a rise in what experts have dubbed “tech neck.” Tech neck is the result of constantly bending our necks to look at our phone screens and can contribute to drooping jowls, sagging skin, and creases above the clavicle bone—all signs of an ageing neck.
The best way to prevent tech neck, of course, is to spend less time on your phone. But, developing a neck skincare regime can also help. In fact, there’s a whole new crop of products (and treatments!) targeted specifically to tighten and tone your neck area.
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Habit: Drinking from a straw

While you may enjoy sipping from a straw, according to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, regularly pursing your lips encourages the breakdown of collagen and elasticity more quickly, resulting in wrinkles and lines.
Perhaps the easiest anti-aging lip hack is to treat the skin around your mouth the same way as your other skin. If you’re applying a facial oil, serum, moisturiser or sunscreen, pat it close to the lip line.

Habit: Sleeping on your stomach or side

Have you ever woken up and noticed vertical lines or sleep marks on your face? These “sleep lines” are caused by the skin being stretched, pushed, and pulled on by the pillow surface while you sleep. Sure, they may disappear after a few hours, but as the skin ages, repeated pressure can promote the breakdown of collagen, which may contribute to those lines turning into permanent wrinkles.
Obviously, the best way to avoid sleep wrinkles is to sleep on your back. But, we know that’s easier said than done. If you can’t sleep on your back, a silk pillowcase is the next best thing.
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