Healthy Habits: How This Entrepreneur Stays Motivated In Career And Life

"Show up for yourself!"

charlie de haas
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You probably know Charlie de Haas as the owner of Sydney’s most Insta-worthy café, The Clean Treats Factory (and if you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and try the turmeric pancakes will you). Oh, and one visit there will make you want to re-decorate your entire home — don’t say we didn’t warn you.
This month here at Amodrn, we’re all about cultivating healthy habits — that is, little things you can do everyday that’ll help you live your best life — so we asked Charlie to share some of her secrets to both getting sh*t done and finding ways to just stop and breathe amongst all the hustle:

My daily routine…

“Alarm goes off at 5.30am. I spend 30 minutes reading in bed with a coffee before going for a 5k run. I then head to the office where my focus is trying not to snack or ‘treat myself’ too much. (It’s an occupational hazard here!). I’ll have a rainbow bowl for lunch. I’ll do a 5 or 6pm class at F45 Rosebery where I’ve recently discovered that I’m a highly competitive person with the help of the heart rate monitor and my name on the screen (yes, we are in a competition even if we haven’t pre-discussed this). Otherwise, it’s yoga.”
“Depending on my day, it may be a 30-minute walk after, or Infrared Sauna (my current obsession… I get to sweat, utilise chakra lights AND read… insert hands up emoji here). Then it’s dinner and a triple strength herbal tea; liquorice, peppermint and chamomile.”

How I achieve balance…

Consistent conscious redirection: Utilising reading to ensure I’m keeping my mind full of positivity and new thoughts, rather than emotional.
Daily run: I wasn’t too big on sport growing up, but running has always been my thing! I could go anywhere, at any time, with nothing! Just myself and my breath, barefoot if needed.

What keeps me motivated…

“My trust and belief that I have something unique to offer; my passion for creating a healthy change, the product development skill I’ve now realised I have (although I can’t cook… treats seem to come rather easy), and again consistent development. I want to inspire, to be more and to break my own internal beliefs of ‘I’m not good enough or undeserving’.”

How I maintain healthy habits…

Music: No matter what I’m feeling, I can find something that reflects my mood and allows me to tune in (or out if needed!).
A journal: Being responsible for myself and utilising reflection to check in and hold myself accountable.
Daily self-love: Because really eating healthy and exercise are signs of showing up for yourself and being your own best friend (not own worst enemy). To be your best self, you have to give yourself the best chance; food, exercise and conscious thoughts.

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