Edited And Co's Style Philosophy: Less Is Always More

The premium Aussie shopping boutique believes in building a staple wardrobe and avoiding fast fashion.

edited and co. interview, woman posing
Image: Edited And Co.
Less is more is the style philosophy at Edited & Co. The style boutique in New South Wales oozes beautiful modern fashion and gives customers a chance to find a piece of clothing that’ll be in their closet forever. They focus on a hand-picked collection every season that offers our customers seasonal trends and lifestyle pieces that you will want to wear again and again. The #buyfromthebush hashtag is encouraging many to support and buy-in Australia, especially the businesses in the areas that have been affected by the floods and bushfires. Supporting Australia and the economy is key at the moment.
Essentially, Edited & Co. is an “edited” version of owner Amanda White’s favorite designer labels. She is the Director, owner, and buyer for the store. She focuses her gaze on the slow fashion movement, one that invests in quality over quantity. We interviewed Amanda about what sets Edited & Co. apart from its competitors, why she does not do fast fashion, and how to pick out a staple for your wardrobe.
edited and co. interview, woman posing
Image: Edited And Co.

1) What sets Edited & Co apart from other boutiques?

Edited & Co is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of shopping centers. A destination for shopping current Australian and international trends, you can expect premium fashion and unique pieces, mixed with everyday essentials. With a style philosophy of ‘less is more’ we adopt a personal styling approach for our customer’s shopping experience to create classic and wearable outfits you will want to wear again and again. We are all about laying out the foundations of your wardrobe and building from there to create a style that allows you to get dressed without any fuss day and night.

2) Why is it important to avoid shopping in fast fashion?

I often wonder what lies behind those very low prices. We focus on the slow fashion movement which emphasizes quality over quantity – instead of buying 10, invest in 2 quality pieces. We educate our customers to buy less and buy better. Investing in good quality garments each season will become the hardworking items that will carry you through year after year rather than a whole wardrobe full of clothes you just don’t wear.

edited and co. interview, woman posing
Image: Edited And Co.

3) What is the best way to pick out a quality piece that you can invest in?

Quality clothes, while more expensive are worth the investment. They not only last longer, but they make you feel better. Looking for natural fibers in garments is a good start to ensuring you are investing in a quality piece. Apart from lasting longer, you’ll find the more premium fabrics are a lot more comfortable. In Winter, for example, look for cashmere and wool in your knitwear. They provide warmth and lightness on the body but are also breathable. Making sure you are comfortable in the fit of the clothing is essential. Quality pieces are made to fit well, from the cut of the pattern to the stitching, they’re tailored to perfection.

4) What are your staple wardrobe pieces?

Having a core wardrobe is key to looking great. A pair of AG jeans. Jac & Jack tees and knits. Viktoria & Woods blazer and tailored pants. Camilla & Marc dress for those special occasions. Cable winter coat and knitwear. Camilla to add some print and color and a pair of leather leggings for Winter.

edited and co. interview, woman posing
Image: Edited And Co.

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