Do This One Thing If You Want To Be A Better Communicator 

No drastic changes required.

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Image: Kate Kendall. Photography: Bianca Cheah.
Words. They can be beautiful, poetic and powerful. They can also be sharp, guilt-fuelled and full of pain. Not to mention, they can be toxic or hold the potential for the most profound change. And what we may not realise is that over time, repetition of the same words shapes our world.
We all know that hot wave of anger and shame that washes over us when we say something in a fit of rage or when we say something we don’t actually mean.
We also know the warm wash of love, joy and peace that washes over us when we say something kind, loving and truly honest— even if it’s not received well by someone else (the fact that we’re aligning to our deepest of values with what we say, goes a long way).
You see, words hold a certain vibration and if you’re a fan of Dr Masaru Emoto’s research on water and resonance (made famous for experiments done on two bodies of water—one communicated with kind and loving words, the other nasty and mean) you’ll know that words can heal.

So, my mindful action and offering to you this week is…

At least twice a day make a conscious decision to connect consciously to your conversations. In turn, you’re more likely to become a more effective communicator.

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Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How’s your conversation with others? How do your words make you feel? What’s your intention behind them?
2. How’s our conversation with self? Notice the words you’re telling yourself and how they make you feel.
The purpose is simply to be more aware. From awareness, we can create change.

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