Cynthia Rowley: the most anticipated show of Fashion Week Australia

Amodrn chats to beloved American designer Cynthia Rowley about her Resort 17 collection.

As one of the most anticipated shows of Australia’s first Fashion Week devoted entirely to Resort, Cynthia Rowley’s Resort 17 Collection did not disappoint.
Rowley, the beloved American designer known for her sporty wetsuits, pop colours, quirky yet sophisticated style and spectacular clientele that includes Blake Lively and Chrissy Teigen, stayed true to her roots presenting a playful yet sophisticated showcase.
Cynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxeCynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxe
Her silhouettes ranged from cropped flares, to kaftans, to wetsuits and fitness leggings, in a kaleidoscope of bold hues, artful feminine prints and tactile textures.
Cynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxe, womens wetsuits
And along with ready-to-wear, fitness and swim, Rowley presented her brand new surfboards. Surfer chic meets catwalk cool, what’s not to love?
Need we mention the fun drumming orchestra, African Beats that accompanied the show.
Cynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxe, womens wetsuitsCynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxe, womens wetsuits
We were lucky enough to catch up with the the designer (and avid surfer) to talk about the collection, Sydney, and caramel popcorn.

Why did you choose to show your Resort 17 collection in Australia?

I love that Sydney is focusing on resort for Fashion Week. Resort is my favourite season to design because it’s all about travel and adventure, so it all made sense. I make a lot of wetsuits and now fitness pieces so I’d like to say my collection has a great kinship with the lifestyle here.
Cynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxeFashion week australia, cynthia rowley, sport luxe

What can we expect from the collection?

We’re showing ready-to-wear, swimwear, our signature wetsuits and brand new fitness range. It has the same attributes of our normal collections, with a touch of sportiness. The swim, surf and fitness pieces, in particular, have a ready-to-wear vibe. Expect a lot of colour, prints, metallics and a mixture of textures.

Tell me a bit more about the fitness range.

We have been doing wetsuits and swimwear for quite a while, so it was a natural progression to move into fitness. Most pieces are sweat-wicking, but at the moment it’s more athleisure wear. We are working on more technical active wear pieces.

On that note, what are your tips for styling the athleisure look?

I do have one friend that wears a wetsuit with a trench coat for a night out, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this (laughs). I have designed this fitness range to be worn all the time, no matter where you’re going.
Cynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxe

What does an average workday look like?

I get up early, then workout for about 15-20 minutes. I either swim or workout in the gym. Drop the kids off at school, have a coffee with my hubby and head into the office at around 9am. I’ll then work up until around 8 or 9pm, go home, cook dinner, hang out with my kids and maybe head out with friends afterwards. My weekdays are crazy, but weekends are spent at the beach in Montauk.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Maybe this collection…who knows?!
Cynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxe, womens wetsuits

What has been the best advice that you’ve ever been given?

Follow your dreams and trust your gut.

How do you see the brand evolving over the next few years?

I am really excited about some new additions to the brand. We’ve started making foam surf boards and fitness accessories that are work-appropriate like yoga mats and hand weights. We have a huge trampoline in our office in New York and I think it’s important to have some fun activities to keep moving during a work day. I am also working on something in the food and beverage arena…

Quick Questions

First thing I do in the morning: I read Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone app. It’s really good. (Rowley is a Leo, in case you were wondering)
Last thing I do at night: I write a to-do list so I know exactly what needs to be done in the morning. This makes me sound like a work-a-holic, but it really helps!
The one place I’d never wear yoga pants: On the red carpet.
If sugar were a superfood, my diet would consist of: I love caramel popcorn. I eat it until it makes me sick.
I never leave home without: A good attitude.
My go-to healthy café is: I went to Jackie’s in Paddington this morning – how good is it?!
My favourite emoji is: I prefer to use a string of emoticons 🎊🎉😁💃

A curated selection of pieces are now available to shop directly at (and yes, they ship to Australia!). The complete Resort 17 Collection will be available online and through selected boutiques from September 2016.

Cynthia Rowley, Neoprene wetsuits, active wear trends, sports luxe, womens wetsuits

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