To Cusp or Not to Cusp, That Is the Question: Should You Count Yourself as One?

The zodiac isn't a straight-set of rules, dates, and numbers. It's a complicated science of the stars and planets.

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When people describe themselves as cusp signs, meaning they are both one sign and the one following it, some astrologers might shake their heads. It just isn’t as clear cut as that. The zodiac isn’t a straight-set of rules, dates, and numbers. It’s a complicated science of the stars and planets. On top of that, every year isn’t the same. There are so many different types of ways that everyday planetary movements changed the way that astrology has worked since the dawn of time. We did some research to find out why exactly astrologers say the cusp sign isn’t really a thing. Keep reading for more!

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Why Some Say the Cusp Isn’t Accurate

No matter what, the sun moves into a different sign every 30 days. So regardless of whether or not you’re within the three days period before or after the signs change, you are your sign, no matter what. But you might feel like a different sign because you’re actually a different sign. You see, the time stamp on your zodiac sign changes every year. If you’re in between signs, you might want to check the year you were born to see when the sun moved into the following sign. It changes from year to year. Better yet, find a birth chart generator like this one and figure it out so you know for sure.

Instead, the “Critical Degrees” Make the Difference

While cusp signs are not a thing, there is something that may make you feel different than the sun sign they say you are. The critical degrees can be significant. According to Bustle, In astrology, each zodiac sign has 30 degrees (0 through 29), and as the sun travels through the sign, it moves from degree to degree. If you’re born within the very first or last day of a zodiac sign, your sun is likely at either 29 or 0 degrees of your sign. These two points are known as critical degrees in astrology and they can affect how your zodiac sign is expressed.”

For example, sensitivity, decision making, and impulse are all traits that are influenced by critical degrees. These might be the things that are making you feel like you are a cusp sign. But don’t put yourself in a box! Your overall personality, destiny, and more are all parts of your natal chart. You have a sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, and more!


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