New York’s Most Instagrammable New Crystal Therapy Is About to Go Mainstream

Ready to nap on a $9,000 bed of crystals?

Despite what holistic healers might tell you, there’s not exactly scientific evidence backing up the (alleged) energy benefits of crystals. Of course, this doesn’t stop thousands of people from touting their ability to heal, calm, and realign a person’s energy. And, even if you’re a skeptic, there’s something to be said for setting an intention–whether it’s to be more open, creative, forgiving, or something else entirely—and using a stone to remind you of said intention. Plus, those shiny rocks are Instagrammable as hell.
The latest crystal healing technique to go mainstream(ish), is crystal bed therapy, a 25- to 45-minute session that promises to help encourage emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing through color, sound, crystal, and vibration therapies. It’s also now available at Modrn Sanctuary, a stunning 5,000+ square foot healing spa in New York City.
Alexandra Janelli, Modrn Sanctuary’s founder, told Amodrn that the machine works by producing a specific frequency that is transported through a machine into seven very fancy crystals, called Vogel cut crystals. She explained that the “production of this frequency through the crystals creates energy that, when coupled with someone’s thoughts/intentions” can help create a new way of “being within the mind and body” and unblock your chakras.
Yes, this is about as woo-woo as it gets.
However, even Jannelli’s clients who approach the treatment with a (healthy) dose of skepticism, admit the treatment is very relaxing. To wit: In a recent review for The Cut about Modrn Sanctuary’s treatment, titled “I Took the Best Nap of My Life on a $9,000 Crystal Bed,” journalist Allie Jones wrote that while she doesn’t think the bed exactly “realigned her energy,” it did make her feel “intensely relaxed and also sort of high.” A happy outcome, no?

Other wellness insiders—including beauty site Byrdie—are predicting crystal bed therapy will be one of the year’s big new relaxation trends, so we asked Janelli to break down exactly what’s involved in the treatment. Keep reading and makeup your own mind about this (very Instagrammable) $75 alternative healing technique.
Amodrn: What exactly happens during a session?
Alexandra Janelli: Prior to starting the session, clients will be asked to fill out an intention card, which helps you outline what you would like to get out of your crystal bed session. Based on this intention, you will be asked to pick one of several frequencies from our frequency menu that aligns you’re your intention. Once completed, clients are welcomed into the beautiful room where our crystal bed is located and walked through how the machine works. You will then be asked to lay on the table (the crystal bed is conducted fully dressed), and our staff will turn the machine on and help you get situation. One the machine is set up, we will leave the room and allow you to relax for your session. When your time has completed, we will come to get you and allow you to get dressed. There is no homework, other than to enjoy the effects of the treatment, which can present themselves throughout the day and week!
SL: What results do clients experience after a session?
AJ: Most clients leave feeling deeply relaxed with a sense of inner peace. While each session is different, based on the client’s intentions and the frequency programed into the machine, clients tend to feel at a minimum a deep sense of relaxation and inner calm. We have received a great deal of feedback that pain has been reduced, inflammation reduction, anxiety release, better sleep, and faster mental healing times from breakups and emotional situations.
SL: You mentioned the treatment uses Vogel crystals. What are they?
AJ: Marcel Vogel was the first person to create these powerfully cut crystals. Our seven vogel-cut quartz crystals receive the frequencies produced by our frequency generator and convert the frequencies to Scalar Energy, which is a specific type of energy that can be utilized by the body!
These seven Vogel crystals are lit with LED lights that align over each of the seven chakras of the body. The LED lights add color therapy to your treatment.

crystal bed therapy
Image via Instagram user @nwcrystals

SL: What does color therapy do?
AJ: The reason we use specific colors is to allow the chakras to respond to the light and rebuild into a healthy system. Energy centers in the human body that help regulate flow of Chi or subtle energy. The Crystal Bed focuses on the first 7: root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, crown.
SL: What is sound therapy and how does it work in this treatment?
AJ: Binaural beats sounds produced at two specific frequencies the are used in the entrainment of the brain. Our sound therapy has been specifically created to aid in the healing properties of the mind, thereby allowing for your intentions to be actualized on a subconscious level!
SL: What is vibration therapy and how does it work in this treatment?
AJ: There are two transducers built into the Crystal Bed. These transducers create a vibration that plays along with the binaural beats that are played during the sound therapy. This helps the body to heal and realign.

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