Image: Chloe de Winter

This Pilates Studio Is Offering Free Online Classes

'Pilates with Go Chlo' is your perfect exercise experience, all from the comfort of your living room.

The way we work out has completely changed due to COVID-19. Some of us have taken a break from the gym, are on our work-out grind, or trying to stream our favorite work-out classes from home. No matter where you are, it’s safe to say that we miss exercise like crazy! Gyms and work-out classes have had to adjust to the pandemic’s demands and this New York City offering free online classes to help you stay fit, at home. Chloe de Winter, Pilates instructor, and educator is offering virtual classes from the comfort of your living room. With a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy Practice and Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, this wellness expert is the perfect person to get your Pilates on during quarantine!

pilates chloe de winter
Image: Chloe de Winter

How Chloe Began Offering Free Pilates Classes

When COVID struck, Chloe found herself stranded in Australia (where she is from) and away from New York where she had been working as the Director of Teacher Training at one of New York’s premier Pilates studios, East River Pilates. All of a sudden, she was unemployed and had time on her hands, with nothing to lose. So, quickly, she pivoted to online teaching. This is where she started her own business called Pilates with Go Chlo and she began teaching Pilates, online. For Chloe de Winter, it’s been quite a wild ride!

Image: Chloe de Winter

What Is ‘Pilates with Go Chlo’?

‘Pilates with Go Chlo’ is a Zoom-based Pilates course that Chloe has been offering since March of this year. She teaches five live classes on Zoom each week and since launch, has had thousands of people do her classes! All of the live classes are “choose what you pay” (and always have been). She wanted to make sure the sessions remain accessible for everyone, given so many people have lost their jobs or are on reduced hours. As long as you’re spreading the word about her community, she is happy. Her average donation is about $10 per class. The classes begin at 7:30 am AEST, so around 5:30 pm EST, and 2:30 pm PST. Approximately 50% of her clients are in NYC or LA, and the other half are Aussies! It works perfectly and is a great balance.

For the most part, her live classes are done in her dad’s study at her parent’s house. Her husband and she have been staying with them since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chloe has collaborated with some incredible brands like Well + Good, Mamamia, and Travel & Leisure. Since her live classes have been going so well, she also beg putting up sessions on YouTube that you can follow along with. Tune in here!

With her background as a Physiotherapist, she can conduct classes that are reliable and evidence-based. This ensures her clients are safe as they workout from home. Her clients love that she can give them the real-time feedback in class that they crave as well as provide a sense of community in this otherwise isolating time. It’s been a challenging journey for Chloe, full of ups and downs, but overall it feels incredible to call herself a female entrepreneur. And to have started up a thriving business from such a low point.

Image: Chloe de Winter

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