Candice Kumai: Wellness journalist & best-selling author joins Amodrn

We’re so excited to welcome professionally trained chef, wellness journalist and best-selling author Candice Kumai to our Amodrn regular expert contributor family.
After making a name for herself as the youngest chef to compete on the first season of Top Chef “the golden girl of wellness” is now widely recognized as one of America’s leading health and wellness experts. She has written and developed recipes for more than half a dozen cookbooks, including The Skinny Bitch Cookbook, Recipe Rehab, Novak Djokovic’s Serve to Win, and The Bikini Body Diet.
To top it all off, Candice is the former food editor at large at Shape and Men’s Fitness, and regularly contributes to dozens of food, health, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle publications.
Keep an eye out for uber-delicious wholesome recipes and guest posts – we guarantee you’ll love her just as much as we do!

Check out Candice’s new, beautifully designed cookbook CLEAN GREEN EATS

Candice Kumai, Clean Green Eats

Featuring more than 100 simple, unique and delicious recipes, CLEAN GREEN EATS makes it effortless to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Utilising natural, low-sugar, nutrient-dense ingredients, the recipes are designed to reduce fatigue, belly bloat and cravings to help you look and feel better. Most of the dishes are gluten free (no complicated ingredients required!) and while a plant-based diet is the focus, the idea of “meat as a treat”—eating high-quality, sensible portions of animal protein—is also central to the plan.

Shop CLEAN GREEN EATS: 100+ Clean-Eating Recipes to Improve Your Whole Life RRP $27.99

Connect with Candice Kumai

Instagram @candicekumai

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