CALPAK Travel Launches The Incredibly Instagramable Hue Collection

Get ready to travel in ultimate style.

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Image: Calpak

Ahead of the busy holiday season, CALPAK, the world-renowned travel essentials and luggage brand launched its incredibly gorgeous Hue Collection today, November 12th. The unisex, low-maintenance collection and vintage color story celebrates independent streaks and street style. It also shies away from the classic holiday palette for something a little more friendly year-round and fashion-forward.

CALPAK Travel’s Hue Collection

best travel luggage ever
Image: Calpak Travel Luggage

After a two-year design process, the collection offers a timeless rustic style, extra durability, and all the right utilitarian details. The line includes a beautiful color range including a deep moss, classic black, stunning hazel, and a pretty baby pink sand. You can find these shades in all of CALPAK Travel’s offerings including carry-on luggage, medium luggage, and large luggage, as well as a toiletry bag and duffel bag. The Hue Collection is also extra special because this is also the first time CALPAK Travel is introducing two additional styles: The front pocket carry-on and the trunk size.

Considering the importance of your luggage is very important for any kind of travel plan. We suggest that you make it as easy as possible.  CALPAK is one of our favorite travel brands because of their mission. It’s to “help travelers get to the good stuff, faster”, a motto we’re completely on board with. Their bags and travel accessories are not just smartly engineered, but they’re smart-looking too, with clever functionalities and signature designs. We’re all about making sure our luggage is as beautiful as it is functional. We even gift luggage because we like to share good discoveries.

CALPAK Travel’s luggage is priced from $48 (for the toiletry bag) and $235 (for the trunk luggage). Shop the entire Hue Collection here.

best travel luggage ever
Image: Calpak Travel Luggage

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