Bite Just Launched The First Ever Sustainable, Plastic-Free Kids Toothpaste

The next generation will save the Earth, starting with the way they brush their teeth.

sustainable kids toothpaste
Image: Bite Toothpaste

An effective dental routine for toddlers and kids starts with a fun, relaxing bedtime routine. But why can’t it be educational, too? In an effort to end plastic waste and influence the personal care habits of the next generation, Bite just launched Berry Twist Toothpaste Bites ($12) – and they’re totally tooth-fairy approved. Beyond being the first-ever sustainable, plastic-free and chemical-free toothpaste for kids (!), these new Berry Twist toothpaste bits are the ultimate dental training tool for parents looking to teach their little ones healthy habits while educating about conscious consumerism and making a positive environmental impact.

sustainable kids toothpaste
Image: Bite Toothpaste

Why Berry Twist Toothpaste Bites Is Our Favorite

Take one bite out of the sustainable and travel-friendly jar. Then instruct your little one to hold it between their teeth and wet their toothbrush. As soon as they bite down, the berry flavored tablet instantly begins to dissolve. Suddenly, it’ll foam up just like regular toothpaste so they can get to brushing. Sans all of the cheap fillers, harsh chemicals, artificial dyes and flavors found in commercial toothpaste. Join your little one and pop your own bit (check out The Duo) to create a memorable family bonding moment that you can feel *so* good about.

sustainable kids toothpaste
Image: Bite Toothpaste

Fillers, chemicals, dyes, and flavors have no place in our daily routine. But not many people know (or think about) what’s in their toothpaste. This was part of the reason sustainability advocate and Bite’s CEO and Founder, Lindsay McCormick, launched the brand. Not to mention this staggering fact: more than one billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every single year. That’s more than 50 Empire State Buildings worth of plastic!

The bottom line is: something we do twice a day, every day, for our dental health shouldn’t be bad for us or for the planet. The actions we take now, impact the future of our children, and our children’s children. So why not start right at home?

sustainable kids toothpaste
Image: Bite Toothpaste

Run (don’t walk) over to to pick up your bottle before they sell out today.

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