Here’s My Week On A Plate—And Why I Don’t Believe In ‘Cheat Days’

Like everyone else, Bianca loves chocolate, pasta and pizza! has teamed up with Truly Spiked & Sparkling.
I’m the first to admit, I genuinely love healthy food. I’m totally inspired to cook all the new recipe ideas we feature on the Amodrn site every week (hello, GF raspberry loaf!). I love to cook, host my friends for dinner, try new restaurants on the weekends and most importantly, I LOVE being active. That said, I also really love (and eat!) plenty of unhealthy foods. I love chocolate, pasta, pizza and the odd drink every now and again. Like most people, I just try to keep it balanced so I can live my happiest life. What’s life without enjoying what you eat, right? However, I don’t believe in cheat days. I find it’s SO much better for my physical and mental wellbeing to just have a little treat when I feel like it, rather than having full on blow-outs. Eating this way keeps me sane but doesn’t leave me feeling bloated and guilty.
It’s important to note, my husband and I also juggle pretty hectic work schedules. While it’s a constant struggle to achieve the perfect work/life balance, we try to plan ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly—whether that’s taking the time to prepare nutritious meals or making sure we get plenty of ‘us’ time on the weekend.
Just recently, I’ve also opted to trial the low histamine diet for 30 days to see how my gut travels with these types of foods—I want to be bloat free! However, it’s a process of elimination in what agrees and doesn’t agree with me, so hopefully, all will go well! Also noting that, it’s hard to eliminate everything at the moment, so I try to minus the foods that are extremely high in histamines so I can at least have a little bit of balance in my day to day diet, otherwise eating wouldn’t be enjoyable. FYI, I’m eliminating for 30 days: Avocados, Kale, fermented foods, Kombucha, cured meats, wine, sourdough bread, tomatoes, eggplant, spinach, tuna, vinegar, bananas, nuts, legumes, citrus foods and strawberries, and then slowly re-introducing them back into my diet.

So, at the moment my typical week looks like this:


I don’t usually eat breakfast, as I like to fast. Intermittent fasting gives me more clarity and makes me more focused, productive and energized. It works for me, which is why I like to do it. I do love coffee, so I will have a single shot Oat Milk latte as I always opt for lactose-free or alternative milk.


During the day, I like to snack on grapes, hard-boiled eggs, apples, mangoes, almond protein bars by Perfect Bars, raspberries, blueberries and carrot sticks. Carrot sticks are fantastic at filling me up!


Most of the time, lunch is a brown rice salad or leafy green salad (without kale or spinach). I pop in a mixture of grilled chicken with a hard-boiled egg, beetroots and asparagus, leafy herbs and fresh vegetables and I’ve got myself a perfectly balanced, tasty meal.


Again, dinner usually includes some form of protein. I’m a big chicken eater. I like to marinate my chicken in my fave marinade of Tamari GF soy sauce honey, ginger and garlic with a few leaves of cilantro. My husband loves avocado so I’ll always throw that in, too, but I don’t go near avocado. I also toss some broccolini in the pan with some, garlic and olive oil. We’ll eat with either quinoa or brown rice. I’m a big eater of pairing proteins with healthy carbs.

Alcoholic Beverages

I’m usually a Cab Sav Red wine drinker, but lately, I’ve been opting for Truly Spiked & Sparkling. These spiked sparkling waters contain only 100 calories, 1g of sugars and 2g of carbs and are gluten-free and super refreshing and tasty—so I can enjoy a drink without sacrificing my wellness routine (YAY).
low-calorie alcohol options


I’m also not a big dessert eater. If I do indulge it will be with a delicious vegan coconut ice cream. YUM!
I also practice yoga as much as I can. Every now and again, I may miss a week of practice, but I always get straight back into it. I like to listen to my body and will never force myself to do anything when I’m too tired. I also love to go on sunset hikes with my french bulldog, Sporte, and husband, Simon. We both like to be as active as we can with our demanding office jobs.
And, lastly, on weekends I always put aside some me time. You’ll always find me in a pink, Boscia charcoal black or matcha green clay face mask sipping on a chamomile tea painting my fingernails while chilling and watching Netflix.
So, that’s me in a nutshell for the week! I know I harp on about the importance of a balanced life and diet, but really, it IS the key to living a happy and healthy stress-free life.
Good luck!

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