Bianca Cheah Shares Her 6 Secrets For Healthy Hair

Just like skincare, when it comes to my hair I tend to go for a natural and super fresh look. Keeping my strands strong is important to me, because I believe the condition of your hair is a true reflection of what you fuel your body with (so don’t think that you can hide any bad diet secrets hahaha!)

Currently, my hair texture is quite coarse and on the dryer side so I look to natural products that boost hydration to keep it looking shiny and healthy. (Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty wavy when I don’t blowdry it—very beachy.) My idea of “perfect hair” is full, voluminous and shiny, with zero frizz.
My everyday styling routine is quite low maintenance. I usually just brush and head out for the day. Three times a week I’ll do a whole wash (washing twice with shampoo) and massage in a SUKIN protein mask, followed by my blow-dry routine – I have a quick version for when I’m in a rush, and a longer version when time isn’t too tight.
I recently wrote this article on Byrdie Beauty Australia about my top tips for achieving healthy and shiny hair. I’ve got the styling down pat, but there are some additional tricks I rely on daily to keep my hair cooperative. Keep scrolling for my six secrets to achieving perfect hair.

Bianca Cheah shares her secrets for perfect hair

#1: Use a gentle, moisturising shampoo

I love the Sukin Moisture Restoring Shampoo ($8)

I love that this one contains rosehip oil (one of my fave beauty ingredients), which helps to prevent splitting whilst also improving texture. I would never use anything containing soap on my hair. It dries it out so much I can’t even run a comb or brush through it afterwards. Bonus tip: I like to shampoo twice for a deep cleanse, then use a mask.

#2: Use a hair mask

Sukin Protein Hair Treatment ($13)

My hair is coarse and dry, so I like the extra nourishment and hydration a mask delivers. I love how deeply hydrating this protein treatment is. My hair is also fine, and I find that it strengthens my strands without weighing it down. It’s rich in aloe vera and chamomile which is perfect for nixing frizz.

#3: Use a treatment styling oil

Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment ($60)

I use this as a styling and finishing tool when blowdrying. It gives a beautiful shine to my hair and keeps it tangle-free. There’s nothing worse then knotted hair.

#4: Blow drying

#4: Get your shine on.
I always blow dry my hair in three major sections, then blow dry the crown in three sections as well. This makes it easier to get every single strand. Once I’ve finished I blast my hair with the cool setting on the dryer or sit in front of the air conditioner to close the cuticles of my hair. Hello shininess!

#5: Eat clean

#5: Check your diet.
I don’t take supplements for my hair at all. I just eat very healthily. My diet is pretty clean, with the odd chocolate and glass of organic and biodynamic red wine. I do however snack on nuts; brazil nuts are fantastic for hair because they contain silica which is strengthening. You’ll find a jar of nuts on my desk all the time.

#6: Get into some beauty yoga positions

#6: Take a holistic approach.
Any yoga pose where you are upside down is great for the hair. (Just think of the blood flow to the head.) My faves are Downward DogScorpion and the standing splits. But always consult your go-to yoga practitioner for the right alignment.

You can see my original story on Byrdie Australia here

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