Beyond The Bathtub: 5 Non-Beauty Self-Care Practices You Can Add To Your Routine

Self-care game getting stale? Try these instead.

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Bored of the bathtub? These days, the $10 billion industry of “self-care” has become almost synonymous with sheet masks, organic wine and sudsy soaks. And while you’ll never find us knocking a luxurious bath in the name of self-care, we’ll eagerly admit that there are other easy ways to cultivate taking care of yourself.
If you’re on board with the self-care revolution but feeling stuck on the old standbys, try out one (or all!) of these self-care rituals that are just as accessible as slipping into the tub.

Beyond the Bathtub: 5 Non-Beauty Self-Care Practices
Image via Unsplash from Lisa Hobbs

Blend your own herbal tea

Sure, you could grab a pack of tea ready to go and sip your way to a blissful state, but why not pick and choose the exact health benefits you hope to reap by blending your own herbal teas. Crafting your own personalized blend is half the fun!

Beyond the Bathtub: 5 Non-Beauty Self-Care Practices
Image via Unsplash from Element5

Invigorate your scalp with a DIY scrub

After all that dry shampoo, what’s a girl to do? This two-ingredient scalp treatment will give your scalp the special treatment it deserves. Whip it up and offer yourself a mini head massage; your scalp will not only thank you for it, but you’ll notice your hair will be happier, healthier and shinier, too!

Beyond the Bathtub: 5 Non-Beauty Self-Care Practices
Image via Unsplash from Becca Tapert

Girl, get outside

Whether that means exploring a new hiking trail with friends or simply earthing your toes into the sand solo, all of that nature and fresh air will leave you feeling positively grounded and content. Pair it with an outdoor meditation and really soak up that feel-good me-time.

Beyond the Bathtub: 5 Non-Beauty Self-Care Practices
Image via Unsplash from Ella Jardim

Lay down… with a book

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting totally immersed in a book while dropping all guilt of other things you “should” be doing. Light a candle, slip into plush socks and let yourself get cozy while reading that book that’s been collecting dust for far longer than you’d like to admit. Need some reccos? Try one of these twelve books that will immediately change your life.

Decluttering dance party

Blast those tunes and bust a move while shining some attention on your sacred space. Using your hands to create a more organized, peaceful living environment will ultimately lower stress and keep you feeling good long after those groovin’ endorphins have left. 

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