Beauty Talk With Model Samantha Harris: Less Is More

"I love to splurge on a facial, although I don’t have them often."

When she’s not strutting her stuff down a runway or killin’ it in front of a camera, Indigenous Australian model and Priceline Sister, Samantha Harris is making her health, fitness and wellbeing a priority.
Always looking photoshoot-ready regardless of the occasion, Samantha’s line of work means that feeling her best from the inside out is a non-negotiable. We love her lax approach to natural beauty and here, she spills the beans on some of her skincare secrets, her ultimate indulgences – plus, the biggest cosmetic mistake she remembers making as a teen… suffice to say we’ve all been there!

How would you describe your overall health and fitness philosophy?

I have a happy, healthy, balanced approach to health and fitness, with everything in moderation. I don’t deprive myself of anything, though if I do have a big job coming up I may become a bit stricter with what I eat. I also don’t stress too much if I miss a day of exercise – some days I just can’t fit it in, and other days my body feels like it needs a rest.

What does your exercise regime currently look like and what is your favourite workout?

I do a mix of exercises so I don’t get bored. I do a combination of body weights, high intensity boot camps and Pilates.

What are some beauty rules you live by?

  • Drink lots of water
  • Remove all makeup before bed
  • Wear no makeup where possible – allow your skin to breathe a few days a week

How would you best describe your skincare routine? Are you a ‘less is more’ kinda girl?

I have a less is more approach, definitely – cleanse and moisturise twice a day, along with wearing an SPF – simple!

When it comes to beauty, is there anything you splurge on?

I love to splurge on a facial, although I don’t have them often. My favourite at the moment is a blueberry peel – your skin looks amazing after a couple of days.

Your career sees you travelling all around the world. Are they any inflight beauty secrets you can share with us? How do you look after your skin on the go?

 Again, I have a less is more approach. I stay hydrated with lots of water, and wear no makeup on long haul flights.

Apart from having the right products, how else do you maintain healthy skin? 

Eating good, wholesome food, exercising everyday if I can, and having a decent sleep each night – you can’t go wrong!

What’s the biggest beauty mistake you remember making in your teen years?

I look back at photos and I’m horrified at my thin eyebrows. I wish someone told me that wasn’t cool!

How do you practice self-love?

The biggest thing for me is to not compare my life to someone else’s. You can get so caught up in that mindset with social media, so I just try to be as real and genuine as possible. I’ll post photos that aren’t perfect, but that’s because I’m not and I don’t think anyone is.

What is the first thing you when you wake up of a morning?

It depends if I have a job that morning, or if had a late one the night before. I’ll usually have a warm lemon water first thing and a black coffee, then a smoothie or eggs depending on how I feel. Then I’ll try and fit in exercise somewhere if I don’t have a job on.

Do you have a specific night-time ritual?

Not really – I’ll relax, eat, spend time with my husband and try go to bed before 10pm.
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