Five Tried and True Beauty Hacks For The Impending Winter Cold

Our tips and tricks to get you through the season while looking incredible.

beauty hacks for the winter
During the change in season, we all usually go through a skincare routine redo as well. We’re always adjusting to the change in how our body reacts to the temperature, whether it be dry weather causing dry skin or the heat causing acne. Even though we’re all going through it together, there are a few things we can do to get over this change in season and get our skin to adjust to the weather. Cold air, low humidity, and high winds outdoors can strip your skin of necessary moisture. Turning up the heat and taking hot showers indoors will do something similar to your skin. These harsh conditions can cause your skin to lose its natural oils, making it a little drier. This allows moisture to escape, leading to dry skin and potentially a winter rash.
What can we do to get over winter skin issues? We here at Amodrn have laid out a few strategies for you to be able to get through this season looking incredible. Keep reading for five tried and true beauty hacks for the impending winter cold!

Cold Hack #1: Go To The Spa

The Spa has many methods that help to clear airways, help unblock noses, ease congestion, and depuff the eye area, aka all common cold tell-tale signs! Take a trip to the OleHenriksen Face/Body Spa! You can cleanse and steam as they perform an acupressure massage focusing on two points around the eyes and two points near the mouth to help further decongest. When you’re sick not only do you feel horrible, but you generally feel like you look horrible too. With these tips, we’re going to fix that because beauty should never suffer.

best beauty hacks for winter
Image: OleHenriksen Spa

Cold Hack #2: Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Essential Oils are always something recommended to everyone due to the long list of benefits, but when you are sick with a cold it is especially important to have them around. Try the Wow Skin Science The Eucalyptus Essential Oil helps open nasal passages, helps decongestion, and helps to boost immunity. It is tested for purity by a GLC Report (< the report is like a blood test for a human, it shows us the unique identity and properties of the oi); which means that what you’re inhaling (or applying topically) is the purest and cleanest you’re going to find on the market aka: not all essential oils are created equal!

best beauty hacks for the winter
Image: WOW Skin Science 

Cold Hack #3: Heal Dry and Cracked Lips

One of the biggest symptoms when you have a cold it that constant feeling that your lips are dry. A good nourishing lip balm is always important to have with you at all times. Purlisse Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher ($6) is derived from Asian Botanicals to heal and soothe the delicate lip area. Apply whenever your lips need a little TLC!

best beauty hacks for winter
Image: Pur-lisse

Cold Hack #4: Bye Bye Puffy Eyes

Under-eye patches are great to use when you have a cold. When you’ve had little sleep due to coughing or sneezing, or if you are experiencing eye irritation, pop your eye patches in the fridge for a few hours prior to use to instantly depuff and soothe. Try Peace Out Puffy Eyes ($25) and say goodbye to slipping and sliding patches that leave the serum surface-level. Get brightening effects with active ingredients so good, you can fake those 8 hours of sleep in just 20 minutes.

beauty hacks for the winter best
Image: Peace Out Puffy Eyes

Cold Hack #5: A Light Full Coverage Concealer

Whenever you are sick with a cold the last thing you want to do is put on a full face of makeup, but your under eyes may look especially red due to the cold symptoms, or there may be redness around your nose area. Putting on a little bit of concealer under your eyes and around your nose can help hide all signs of your cold. The Crème Shop Full Coverage, Buildable Concealer instantly covers dark circles, discolorations, and uneven skin tones without weighing skin down or clogging pores. Formulated to never cake, because dessert belongs in our tummies and not on our faces! (Although no judgment if the cake gets you through a cold!) 

best beauty hacks for the winter
Image: The Creme Shop

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