Australian Model Jesinta Franklin Launches Wellness App

Get excited for recipes, workouts and a look BTS.

jesting franklin
Image: @jestina_franklin

Want to know all the deets about how Jesinta Franklin trains, what she eats, all her beauty secrets and how she maintains that bod? Well, with the launch of her brand new App, you can.
After hinting about working on a personal project for months now, the Australian model and media personality took to Instagram to share the news late Sunday evening:
“JUST LAUNCHED: Jesinta Franklin, The Official App. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all in a more meaningful way over on my very own mobile app.”
“The Jesinta Franklin Official Mobile App is a platform where I can share more from behind-the-scenes of my photoshoots and fittings, recipes from my own kitchen, make-up tutorials and workouts,” Franklin said in another announcement.

jesinta franklin
Image: @jesinta_franklin

“It also gives me the opportunity to shed light on the issues that speak to me, as well as a chance to detail the everyday habits and tools that help me live my fullest life.”
Spanning across six categories including beauty, fashion, fitness, health, wellness and ‘inspo’, Jesinta shares that the fitness, health and wellness sections in particular are the ones she knows her fans will love.
“I get so many questions about my cooking and workouts, so I am SO excited to give you unprecedented access to my kitchen and recipes as well as my favourite trainers and workouts.”
“Together, we bring you a variety of strength-focused workouts which have been game-changers for my fitness and strength as well as giving me the body confidence to feel well and happy in my own skin.”
For phase 2 of the inspo category, Jesinta is teaming up with Thought of the Day to bring you weekly inspiration. Think along the lines of thought-provoking words of wisdom, daily affirmations and gratitude.
The app is now available to download via the App store.
Want more from Jestina? Read our exclusive interview here.

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