apple fitness
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Apple Set To Launch New Fitness Service In The Coming Weeks

The tech giant could rival Nike, Peleton, and other competitors by enhancing their current offerings.

Apple is about to up the ante once again. The tech giant is set to add another item to its subscription services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, and more with a new fitness service bundle. The announcement is set to come sometime in October or so. Expect a formal release in the coming weeks. According to Bloomberg, the fitness program is set to come with the onset of a new bundle package, an array of Apple services for a lower monthly cost that you can save money on if you’re using Apple’s other services.

What Would “Apple Fitness” Look Like?

According to Forbes, Apple Fitness will be entirely new itself, separate from apps or podcasts. It will be made up of virtual fitness classes that will work across Apple’s technology accessories, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. This is set to rival classes offered by the Nike + app, Peleton, and many other subscription services.

Forbes is predicting that this will have an Apple spin on it, something totally different from its competitors. They’re predicting that Apple could sync offerings like Apple Music to make something new and incredibly revolutionary. They’re not quite sure if this will be solely standalone or only offered in a bundle.
apple fitness
Image: Erica Steeves via Unsplash

What Are Apple One Bundled Services Going To Be Like?

Get ready for the new era of Apple, which changes the game constantly. Apple’s bundled services are likely to give an incredible discount to put together the items you’re already paying for. Currently, Apple offers the following: Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and iCloud streaming. The addition of Apple Fitness could be launched as early as September when the new iPhone comes out.

The packages could be sold in different tiers as well. Quite possibly, a basic Apple One Package would include Apple Music and Apple TV+. The next steps might add Arcade and the News + app, as well as more iCloud storage. You can also expect that Apple will offer its family pricing as well, making it cheaper for a single household to get in on all the discounts. Knowing Apple, they will likely price carefully to ensure they build their subscription numbers.

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