An Amazing Butt Workout You Can Do Anywhere—No Equipment Required

Get fit from home, while traveling, or even on the beach!

“My absolute favorite thing to do is sculpt a booty!” says Kourtney McCullough, celebrity trainer at Pilates Platinum in Los Angeles.
McCullough has quite a reputation for sculpting bodies (and booties) in Los Angeles. At Pilates Platinum—where clients like Alessandra Ambrosio and Whitney Port go to sweat on the regular—she’s a fan favorite. Using the Megaformer (a souped-up version of the classic Pilates reform that makes every exercise feel a million times more challenging) Kourt helps her clients sculpt every inch, from their shoulders to their calves. And the woman’s specialty? The glutes.

But if you can’t make it to her classes in LA, good news: McCullough showed us her favorite at-home exercises that’ll lift and tighten your glutes like whoa—no equipment required. “I use these moves in some variation or another on the daily,” she explains. Plus, these exercises will work all of your major gluteal muscle groups. “The first two [movements] are a great way to “fire” the glute muscles by isolating them … [but] all of which will help lift the butt up by literally pulling the muscles up towards it.”
Work through all of these exercises at home, while traveling, or even on the beach! We recommend three sets of 30 reps, two to three times a week for best results.

Pelvic Tilt

pelvic tilt, Pilates, equipment, butt workout, fitness

Single leg pelvic tilt

Single leg pelvic tilt, equipment, butt workout, fitness, Pilates, e


Grasshopper, butt workout, equipment

Sumo squat

Sumo squat, fitness, equipment, butt exercises

Curtsy lunge

Curtsy lunge, fitness, butt workout, equipment

Kneeling sidekicks

Kneeling sidekicks, equipment, fitness

Looking for a workout that’s gentle on your joints but will still get you sweaty? These 7 exercise styles fit the bill perfectly.

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