Always hungry? Here's how to trick yourself into feeling full

Nutritionist and Instagram influencer, Cassy Joy Garcia, reveals her top tips.

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Wish you could stay fuller for longer between meals? Regardless of your portion size, not all calories are created equal. Some, as nutritionist and Instagram influencer Cassy Joy Garcia explains below, can make you feel full and satisfied for hours. While, certain foods and eating habits will most likely just lead to more cravings. And inevitably, more mindless eating. So in the interest of avoiding ingesting unnecessary calories in the upcoming holiday season, Garcia has broken down five easy-to-follow and expert-approved tips. Keep scrolling!

5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Feeling Full

Eat your vegetables first

You know you’re supposed to eat lots of vegetables, but the benefits extend beyond just important vitamins. Greens play a big part in satiety, thanks to their fibre content. “Filling your plate with more vegetables than any other food will help to ensure that you’re getting plenty of healthy fibre! The fibre will help to fill you up while also providing a nice array of healing vitamins and minerals.”

Don’t skimp on protein

Protein — whether it’s from meat, eggs, or vegan alternatives — can be the key to feeling satisfied while eating minimal calories. “Protein will truly help you stay full and it’s important to make plenty of room for it on your plate,” Garcia told us.

Avoid filling up on sweets

Yes, we know it can be hard saying no to sugary treats, but using your calories more wisely can help curb more unnecessary snacking. “If you’re truly hungry between meals, opt for a little protein or non-sweet side dish as a snack, opposed to that sliver of pie,” Garcia said. She added that sugar-laden sweets will actually make you want to eat more and won’t keep your appetite satisfied.

Don’t skip the savory carbs

Forget what you have heard about low-carb diets, this food group is critical when it comes to feeling fuller for longer. “Healthy carbohydrates like potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, and beets are all wonderfully nourishing foods that can help provide quality fibre in addition to other vitamins and minerals,” Garcia said. While she suggests that the majority of your plate should be made up of non-starchy vegetables, savory carbs “can help you feel full and satisfied after a meal — making you less likely to gravitate towards that extra piece of pie.”

Enjoy more water than any other beverage

Put down that second glass of wine, and pick up a water instead! “If you’re planning to partake in a cocktail or two, plan on drinking even more water,” Garcia said. “Dehydration, which can happen when we’re enjoying cocktails and an array of sweets, can cause a false sense of hunger. If you’re feeling hungry or having a hard time finding satiation after a meal, drink a few glasses of water before you grab an extra serving,” she recommended.

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