How Acro Yoga Can Take Your Sex Life To New Heights

Get handsy with your boo thang.

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You’ve heard it before: Some things are better together. Yep, doing a workout with your significant other can help increase accountability, keep spirits high, and spur better results. Not to mention, there’s something sweet and intimate about being comfortable in a sports bra hitting (or at least attempting) King Pigeon beside your boo. But acro yoga—the partner-style yoga practice that involves death-defying lifts and throws with asanas—takes a sweaty date activity to a whole new level.
In the past few years, acro yoga has gotten huge thanks to hashtags like #acroyoga and #acrorevolution. But long before acro yoga was trending on Instagram, Chelsey Korus was practicing the acrobatic yoga style in Central Park.
“This was like, ten years ago—every Sunday afternoon we’d go to this certain spot in Central Park, and my partner Matt and I would just start practicing. It was very organic. People would walk by and ask us what we were doing, and sometimes they’d end up joining in.”
Fast forward to a decade later, and Korus is a veritable superstar of the acro yoga world. And she’s learned a lot from practicing and performing the exciting, sometimes sensual, movement practice. “When I’m practicing this, it is very much yoga. It’s a mirror to my deeper workings and how I show up in the world. Plus, acro yoga isn’t just about you—it’s a “we” practice. You need to swallow your pride.”
And practicing with a partner can definitely increase the intimacy in a relationship. Acro isn’t necessarily sexual, but the trust that you put in your partner inevitably brings you closer and strengthens your bond. “You’re literally trusting someone with your life! And you’re supporting and taking cues from each other—it’s not one-sided. You start to intuit what your partner is going to do next, and in order to do that you have to be very dialled in.”
Korus’ go-to acro partner is also her romantic partner—further proof that this hands-on practice is practically made for lovers. Here’s what she says to expect if you start acro with your partner.

Your bedroom life WILL get spicier

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“Be warned! It’s gonna turn up the heat, especially depending on what you’re trying.”

But it will add a tenderness to your relationship

“Acro therapeutics [the massaging, stretching poses that you can perform with a partner] is so beautiful. Only love can come from [when you’re touching someone like] that.”

Acro can help you work through underlying issues

“It’ll let things come up, for better or for worse. If you have fear, or there’s unfinished business, it often comes up and can get resolved when you practice together.”

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