5 Ways To Achieve Ultra Lush Lashes

There’s always a time and place for a big, glamorous strip of falsies. And while the popularity of semi-permanent eyelash extensions has astronomically grown since their debut a few short years ago, the treatment isn’t for everyone.
Cost, upkeep, and sensitive eyes are just a few reasons to forgo extensions, and even if you’re a diehard fan, it’s always a good idea to take a break every now and then to allow your real lashes to rest and strengthen.
But fear not: a luscious lash look doesn’t have to require extensions. With this lush lash routine, no one will be the wiser they’re all your own. Winking optional.

To strengthen and thicken

Start each morning by strengthening, lengthening and thickening your eyelashes with Medik8’s Full Lash & Brow Duo. As the name states, this multi-tasking treatment can be used on both lashes and brows for an enhanced effect. Containing conditioning moisture magnets, hair-anchoring plant extracts and lash-boosting peptides, flexibility, shine and health of each and every lash is improved for a naturally plush result.
lush lashes medik8

To add volume

In the evening, RapidLash’s potent formula further pumps up lashes. Polypeptides prevent breakage, allowing lashes to reach maximum length while adding volume and thickness, while proteins and vitamins restore damage and increase strength. A natural bonus: elasticity and moisture levels are locked in and improved thanks to Pumpkin Seed Extract and Liquorice Extract.
rapid lash

To magnify

When it’s time to swipe on makeup, start by priming lashes with the mega magnifying M.A.C False Lashes Maximizer. This lightweight base coat conditions, volumizes, lengthens and curls lashes, prepping them for mascara. The ultra-plush brush swipes the nourishing treatment on to each and every lash, going on white and drying to a semi-clear base — this primer is just like the secret platform in your favourite YSL pumps, secretly boosting major oomph.

To define and lengthen

If you’re after the holy grail of mascara, swipe on Givenchy’s Noir Interdit Lash Extension Effect Mascara. The name says it all, and with a brush and formula that’s unparalleled, this is one unique mascara that’ll have you second guessing your next lash extension appointment.
Inspired by the brand’s avant guarde fashion shows, the wand bends 90 degrees to easily allow the brush to get right into the root, creating incredible definition and length. Zig zag the brush while swiping outwards to evenly distribute before applying a second coat with a straight brush to volumize. The unique and intensely black stretching formula gives a seriously real false lash effect, and feels comfortable all day long.
givenchy mascara

To make them last

For a more permanent result, visit Australia’s (and the international) reigning brow and lash Queen Amy Jean of famed and adored Amy Jean Eye Couture (just ask Naomi Campbell or Dannii Minogue).
Book in for the new signature Keratin Lash Elevate treatment at one of her nation-wide studios for result that are like none other: uniquely using soft silicone molds to give lashes a major lift and curled effect, the keratin treatment and extra conditioning step seriously softens and strengthens eyelashes, too.

About the treatment

By first measuring lashes before starting the treatment, a perfectly sized mold is chosen to ensure the perfect curl (too little isn’t dramatic enough, too much has your lashes batting against your brows) is achieved.
The treatment also includes a tint, which everyone benefits from: the tips of lashes are translucent, and when tinted, add a mega lengthened look. Amazingly low maintenance and so great for those who have sensitive eyes, the Keratin Lash Elevate is perfect for anyone who wants the (almost as) dramatic look of eyelash extensions with a way easier at-home care routine, and a much longer lasting result (up to 12 weeks!).
Amy Jean explains the importance of lash care, and why the Keratin Lash Elevate Treatment is a top pick: “As many women will agree, they simply cannot live without their lash treatments. Whether it’s tinting, lifting, curling or extending, our faces and eyes transform into more flirty and feminine version of our non-lashed look post-treatment.”
The Keratin Lash Lift treatment combines several services to achieve a beautiful, natural and plush result: “It includes a lash lift, which is like an instant root lift for your lash line. It gives a more youthful, awake look, and most women liken this to the appearance of extensions without the hassle of maintenance.
There’s also a tint treatment, which defines the lashes to your desired depth of colour. Then, there’s an application of Keratin coating at the completion of your lash lift service. Your therapist will also give you a take home Keratin product that acts as a clear mascara, and it nourishes the lashes for optimum lash health. The results last an impressive 8 – 10 weeks, too.”
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