9 surprising skin benefits of coffee (I never knew)

Want smooth, glowing and bump-free skin? Read on...

Coffee is best known as the stimulating beverage that helps millions of people wake up in the morning, including yours truly. But did you know that it also has surprising benefits for your skin, too? As a natural exfoliator, coffee helps to slough away dry, dead skin to reveal  radiant, glowing skin. In fact, Sukin’s Coffee and Coconut Energizing Body Scrub boasts a wealth of other beauty benefits, too. Read on to find out more.

9 surprising skin benefits of a coffee scrub


Coffee is jam-packed with antioxidants, which help to eliminate impurities from your skin, as well as increase blood circulation and promote growth of new skin cells.

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If you love the smell of freshly ground coffee, there’s good reason. The scent of coffee acts to clear a person’s mind of excessive thoughts. The scent also works as an anti-depressant and can help combat feelings of nausea. So using a coffee body scrub will allow you to take advantage of these aromatherapy features.

Targets cellulite

The properties in coffee have been found to help diminish the look of cellulite. Yes, that’s right, exfoliating with coffee grounds improves circulation, leaving you with smooth looking skin. Some people also use coffee body scrubs to combat other pesky skin conditions like varicose veins and scarring. Even the action of applying the coffee scrub can help with these types of skin issues because squeezing and massaging the body helps to release toxins and fats held in the skin.

Evens skin tone

Alongside diminishing cellulite, the dark grinds of coffee beans can actually be used to brighten up dull skin.

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Prevents ageing

As I mentioned earlier, coffee is full of antioxidants, which helps prevent premature ageing. And the addition of coconut oil and rose hip in Sukin’s body scrub further enhances this effect.


This body scrub harnesses the skin softening properties of aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba oil, rose hip and vitamin E so you can wave goodbye away to those stubborn dry patches.

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Dead skin cells harden with age and the longer they lie on the surface of the skin, the harder they get. Enter: exfoliation. Coffee is a natural exfoliator so it will help slough away dry, dead skin, making your skin look flawless.

Increases firmness in skin

Use circular motions to work the scrub into your skin to help improve firmness so you can rock that bikini with ease.

Regenerates skin

Exfoliating with a coffee scrub not only removes dead skin cells and increases circulation, but it also encourages regeneration. This regeneration process tightens the skin, giving it a firmer and younger-looking appearance – yes, please!

My Top tips…
Scrub upwards and focus on tough spots like the elbows, knees, feet and back of neck.
I only exfoliate my skin up to 3 times a week. Sometimes more in summer.

I love Sukin’s Energising Body Scrub

Sukin Body Scrub, bianca CheahWith only natural ingredients, this body scrub will make your skin look healthier and more radiant. Utilising antioxidant-rich coffee extracts and coconut shell, it works to effectively exfoliate and stimulate the surface of the skin. Aloe vera, coconut oil, jojoba oil, rose hip and vitamin E also provide lasting hydration. And as an added bonus, it smells good enough to eat

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